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Music Academy Project Management

Music Academy Project Management

This task mainly develops a plan of hiring staff and a description of how to handle some inherent business challenges.

Question Seven: Work plan for the Music Academy

  1. Job Title: Manager

Type of Contract: Full Time

Purpose: The principal objective of the role is to lead and manage the Music Academy for children aged between three years and sixteen years. The manager’s role will also help to maintain excellent standards in the Academy, and ensure it continues to excel and progress.

Job Description: The manager may delegate some of the responsibilities music technology developer, tutors, and instructors.

  1. Formulating and managing a high quality, custom-made music education program for children and young people of outstanding capacity and potential. This function will include planning a diverse program of concerts and musical events to challenge and display the work of choirs, orchestras, bands and other performing categories to allow equal performing opportunities to all musicians.

  2. To oversee all the variety and quality of orchestras, choirs, and ensembles to ensure that rehearsals, staffing and performance opportunities meet the required standards.

  3. Promoting diversity in learning music to give learners opportunity to explore a variety of music genres.

  4. Nurturing links with local and national music organizations.

  5. Maintaining and developing Music Academy as a center of excellence for music in the province.

  6. Safeguarding safety, health, and happiness of children and the teenagers attending the academy.

  7. Leading in the planned direction of the Academy.

  8. Working within the objectives of the business and budgets.

  9. Building and preserving the academy’s profile

  10. To inspire and lead all the members of staff to ensure that they motivate the learners and that students enjoy participating in music and develop their talents in a positive, innovative and efficient working atmosphere.

  11. Providing some front-desk coverage.

  12. Teaching some vocal lessons.

Hours: Twenty-four hours per week on a flexible basis to include Saturdays throughout the term. Off time may reach up to sixteen hours per month. The manager must be available to work on other occasions during the evenings and weekends whenever necessary.

Salary range: £40,000 — £50,000 remuneration package per year pro-rata depending on experience.

Knowledge and skills:

  1. Extensive experience of developing and bringing together high-quality music education programs for children and teenagers.

  2. Knowledge and understanding the key factors involved in upholding and promoting the Academy as a center of musical teaching and learning.

  3. Extensive teaching experience and capability to monitor and advance the quality of music training and education.

  4. Ability to ensure safety, health and happiness of the learners throughout the academy.

  5. Good knowledge in financial oversight and working within the limits of the budget.

  6. Ability to lead, motivate and manage all members of staff as well as volunteers.

  7. Ability to delegate, manage and line up a wide range of tasks and responsibilities to other members of staff.

  1. Job Title: Vocals Tutor

Type of Contract: Full time

Job Description:

  1. Teach one-to-one lessons to students of all ages and study levels.

  2. Directing and running all the junior and senior vocal classes.

  3. Incorporating theory and techniques in a manner that is fun and enjoyable for all our learners.

  4. Provide feedback to the parents after every lesson on students’ progress.

  5. Preparing students for the frequently organized competition performances.

  6. Helping with marketing the academy

  7. Provide some front-desk coverage.

Hours: Twenty-eight hours per week on a flexible basis to include Saturdays throughout the term. Off time may reach up to ten hours per month.

Salary: £37,184 — £40,000 remuneration package per year pro-rata depending on experience.

Knowledge and Skills:

  1. Should have a positive attitude, patience and friendly.

  2. Delight in working with children.

  3. Ability to cultivate a positive relationship with students, parents and co-workers.

  4. Ability to provide a comfy teaching environment where students can get inspiration.

  5. Skills to tailor vocal lessons to cater for student’s individual needs and desires.

  6. Progressive in teaching a variety of vocals with an aim to maintain learners.

  7. Highly self-disciplined and able to work within the time scheduled.

  8. Be in a position to implement the studio policies.

  9. Formal training and a real experience in the music industry is an added advantage.

  1. Job Title: Music Technology Lab Developer

Type of contract: part-time

Reports to: Manager

Job Purpose: To establish, maintain and record electrical and music equipment, computers and software for the music technology lab.

Job description:

  1. Coordinate those daily operations and students use of the music technology lab.

  2. Repair and maintain music equipment, computers and software used in the music technology lab.

  3. Prepare work schedule and outsource a good amount of work.

  4. Review of all the subcontracted work.

  5. Research new equipment and prepare quote information; gather information from manager’s approval; make purchases after obtaining investment approval from the manager.

  6. Make schedule for the students

  7. Keep a record of the assessed pieces performed by the learners.

  8. Report unsafe working conditions in the lab. Take reasonable and wise actions to prevent students and other members of staff from engaging in unsafe practices while in the lab.

Hours: Fifteen hours per week on a flexible basis to include Saturdays throughout the term. Salary: £35,000 — £39,000 remuneration package per year pro-rata depending on experience.

Knowledge and skills:

  1. Practical use of interpersonal and communication skills

  2. Efficient use of administrative and planning skills.

  3. Maintaining confidentiality of all the information related to work and materials.

  4. Ability to maintain and efficient working relationships

  5. Demonstrate proficiency in using standard office software applications and specialized commercial music

  6. Ability to work safely and follow all the safety rules.

  1. Job Title: Marketing Officer

Type of Contract: Part-Time

Reports to: Manger

Job Purpose: To assist the manager of the Academy to raise the visibility of the school by carrying out effective marketing and communication plan with the aim of:

  1. Appeal to new students across the school music programs.

  2. Make public the strengths of the Music Academy

  3. Promote the entire school profile to external audiences

Job Description:

  1. Creating and updating social media platform (Facebook and Twitter) accounts for the Academy

  2. Update information about the Academy on external websites and directories.

  3. Creating fresh and current web content

  4. Providing designs and contribution to the development of new e-marketing materials.

  5. Preparing PowerPoint presentations for use in conferences.

  6. Resourceful input into the new advertising campaigns.

  7. Give percussion instructions to the students from time to time as allowed by the schedule.

Hours: Fifteen hours per week on a flexible basis to include Saturdays throughout the term. Salary: £33,000 — £37,000 remuneration package per year pro-rata depending on experience.

  1. Job Title: Receptionist

Type of Contract: Part-Time

Reports to: Manger

Job Purpose: Serve as the first contact for all the visitors, guests, and callers to the Music Academy. Provide a friendly informative and professional reception in support of the entire Academy.

Job Description:

  1. Provide front desk reception. Monitoring main entrances, greeting visitors, accepting deliveries and leading visitors to the appropriate departments. Other front desk reception tasks include taking messages, directing queries to appropriate members of staff, sorting the incoming emails and answering the main line calls.

  2. Assisting in public administration. The primary task will be managing sales, receiving the Academy payments and forms when delivered in person, and data entry.

Hours: Between ten and fifteen hours per week.

Salary: £7.7 — £8.6 per hour depending on experience.

  1. Job Title: Music Tutor

Type of Contract: Part-Time

Reports to: Manger

Job Purpose: teach music lessons to pupils aged between 3 and 16 years and help the school community appreciate music instructions. Help learners to develop their enjoyment, appreciation, and performance of music through a variety of planned music experience.

Job description:

  1. Teach skills in music appreciation, harmony, assessments in music and vocal music

  2. Plan and implement a well-adjusted music program and organize a class time to include rehearsal and instruction within the allotted time.

  3. Provide individual learners and small groups instruction to adapt a music curriculum to meet the needs of the students.

  4. Maintain care and responsibility for all the musical instruments and equipment to prevent loss, injuries, and abuse. Make minor adjustments and request repairs to the instruments whenever necessary.

Hours: Between 15 and 20 hours per week.

Salary: £8.9- £10.00 per hour depending on experience

Question Eight: Solution to the significant challenges affecting the Music Academy

The primary problems affecting this college are:

  1. The manager is burning out.

  2. Nicole has already quitted her job, but she is nervous that the schools might not open.

  3. Andres has not delivered the list of students and instructors.

  4. Brian also thinks that he can set the lab alone without outsourcing


The primary reason for burning out is overworking, failure of my spouse to appreciate my efforts and confusion whether I will achieve my expectation and priorities. The Music Academy has the highest priority compared to the permanent job. Therefore, the first step to reducing the workload is to quit the permanent job and create more time for the new business venture. The next step would be to delegate some of the responsibilities and collaborate with all talented colleagues. By talking to the spouse and making her understand the situation and the efforts put forward would help to reduce mistrust and promote trust.

Hiring a professional consultant would help to reassure the members of staff and gain valuable knowledge to overcome the current challenges (Ombudsman, 2015, p. 5). The professional consultant will deliver useful moral support to rejuvenate all the colleagues. This step will also serve to motivate Nicole, who through her commitments quitted her job to see the school begin.

Regular meetings with all the stakeholders will be very helpful in assessing the strategies taken as well as the progress of their undertakings. Through effective communication and appreciation of their efforts, it will be easy to understand the areas that are necessary to change. These meetings will also enable all the stakeholders to bring the ideas together, making the accomplishment of all the objectives easier. Eventually, we shall be in a position to create a dynamic and productive team. The meetings will also help to review whether all stakeholders are working towards the objectives of the project.

Address the issue with Andres; effective communication would help to make him understand the urgency of providing the list of the students and instructors. The strategy will also allow Andres to communicate the reasons why he has not been in a position to deliver the list. Consequently, it will be easier to offer assistance in case of any challenges that he faces in his undertakings.

For the case of Brian, a discussion of on the setting the Music Technology lab would help to know if he is in a position of doing it alone. This step will also contribute to assessing the progress of setting up the music lab. It will also help to understand the reason why Brian opts to set up the lab alone. Based on the findings, it would be possible to come up with a viable solution that will ensure the lab is complete in time.

Finally, assessment of the financial status of the firm will be very necessary to know if the project will be complete in the stipulated time. This step will also prioritize the tasks and accomplish the most crucial tasks for the Music Academy to run. This assessment will also reveal whether it will be necessary to source more funds to complete and run the Academy. In conclusion, involving the spouse in all the plans will make her appreciate the efforts put in place.


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