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Grill 271

Grill 271

Grill 271 is a described as a fire restaurant and the designer of the brand has utilized graphic design and photography to bring out the essence illustrated by its name. The logo for the restaurant is a flame on top of the name with a dark background. The black backdrop ensures that a person concentrates on the flaming logo that is the symbol of Grill 271. Additionally, bellow the name the designer incorporates a combination of what the restaurant is about by writing fire + drinks. Despite being in small letters, the significance of the two words is recognizable and acts as a perfect balance of the representations of Grill 271 (AIGA, n.d).

The different designs of the brand logo, the dark colors and typography even on their business card successfully capture the ambiance of the restaurant. The fire and drinks theme is quite clear and elaborate because it matches the name of the restaurant. The orange flame and the typography represent the elements of fire and water as a perfect mix of nourishment to the human body (AIGA, n.d).

There is still room for improvement for the design that significantly emphasizes on fire only. The restaurant also serves drinks to give a full experience to the customers. The small letters in the logo showing that Grill 271 also serves drinks could use some enhancement so as to fully capture the essence of what is offered by the restaurant. Additionally, the logo could incorporate the drinks part as well, rather than only showing the flaming grill. However, the overall iterations of the brand, captures the real essence of the restaurant and communicates exactly what Grill 271 has to offer with a touch of inspiration and culture (AIGA, n.d).


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