Great debate

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Great Debate

Since antiquity societies have always viewed women as the weaker sex. However, during the 21st century, the world has tried to formulate and implement gender rule. Consequently, this has led to many people changing their perception about women. According to linguists’ professor Deborah Tannen, Women do not communicate more easily than men. The difference occurs because men communicate with intent of achieving social status and avoiding failure (Tannen, 2007). On the other hand, women converse focusing to achieve personal connection as well as avoiding isolation. On her book, you don’t understand she postulate that women communicate to build relationships. While men communicate to solve problem and show expertise. Therefore, women do not communicate easily than men.

Again, women are not patient than men. For example, a study conducted by Pain killer company Nurofen stated that a woman can only deals with his husband’s cold for 16hours. However, a man patience is higher and can deal with woman’s cold for 19 hours (Eckert & McConnell-Ginet, 2013). At the same time, men looks for friendly due to the fact that they offer solutions during conversations. Compared to women who communicate to avoid isolation. Besides, the fact that women have many chores to attend makes them impatient. Women are expected to cook, take care of young siblings, serve the family and make sure the kids have eaten. Therefore, when they find queues, and traffic jams they are likely to be impatient. Additionally, men handle more and exhibit more patience in dangerous situation like military fights, fire departments as well as construction sites compared to women. As a results they are much used in those areas (Canary, et al., 2010).


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