Graphic Design Research & Strategy Report


Graphic design research and Strategy

Table of Contents

1.1 Objectives 3

1.2 Communication forms and techniques 3

1.2.1 Personal folio forms 3

1.2.2 Research on promotional communication techniques 4

1.3 Strategies 5

References 7

Appendices 8

1.1 Objectives

  1. To identify job roles in the graphic design field that exploits and maximize on my talents and abilities

  2. To explore advertising methods and communication strategies to effectively reach potential employers

  3. To develop a suitable promotional strategy that highlights my target job roles, responsibilities and duties.

  4. To advance my knowledge and expertise to practitioners and users of design products in arts and design

The job positions I have identified are; UI designer, Digital graphic designer and Graphic designer

To start with, the graphic designer
role has been advertised on, advertising and image consulting company. Users are required to log into this website to undertake personality tests, join the forum and read from their blogs.

Job characteristics:

  • Bachelor degree in graphic design

  • Artistic skills, and detail oriented skills, computer and creativity skills

  • Ability to study information and materials

  • Ability to communicate messages in electronic, print and film media

  • Knowledge of plans layout of journals and corporate reports.

It not only lists the duties of the role but also explains what it entails to be a graphic designer and its work environment. There is also a pictorial view of a typical graphic designer work station and environment.

The digital graphic designer position is advertised in for AON Insurance Brokerages and Agencies. The company is located in Bellevue, Washington. With no affirmative action plan, it is a full time position and a salary depending on experience. The site lists job responsibilities, knowledge and expertise and colleague experience.

Job characteristics:

  • Bachelor degree in technical drawing and digital image manipulation

  • Video graphic skills

  • Digital photography skills

  • Ability to work with independence

  • Be able to communicate marketing and advertising messages

  • Plan, visualize and outline digital graphics

User Interface (UI) designer is advertised by Tata Consultancy Services to be located in Hyderabad, India. The role lists required skills and competencies, contract status and eligibility criteria.

Job characteristics:

  • Degree in computer programming

  • More than 5 years experience in UX/UI design works

  • Versatile and creative

  • Visual design and user experience

  • Basic knowledge in visual basics programs

  • Knowledge in design and coding of crisp

  • Be elegant, intuitive and useful.

1.2 Communication forms and techniques

1.2.1 Personal folio forms

The purpose of the appraisal is for promotional and scouting of opportunities in the graphic design field (Kimeldorf, 1997). The folio is divided into five sections as shown in the figure below (a section of the personal folio form is shown below).

Graphic Design Research & Strategy Report

The first section is the curriculum vitae that consider personal details, current appointments, previous appointments, qualifications, awards and memberships. The second section is about previous employment which lists the previous roles, achievements and accomplishments, mentors and activities. The third section provides images of various graphic designs that I produced and other creative works (see appendices). The fourth section showcases my expectations in terms of work environment, salary, values, commitments and vision for the company. The final section provides referees and authorities who can confirm my abilities and competencies.

1.2.2 Research on promotional communication techniques

Personal branding is critical where professional skills, experience and design work portfolio are involved. There is need to polish my resume or CV and portfolio to attain full-time employment in one of the creative agencies listed above. Packaged as a creative portfolio, adopting promotional communication can be appealing to prospective employers. First, personal folio forms seek to solve business problems by generating positive results and overcome professional development challenges (Kimeldorf, 1997). For example, it showcases qualifications, experiences and relevant graphic designs to the prospective employers that solve the business objectives. Second, advertising mediums and messages should be interesting and memorable (CDC, 2014). For example, if the theme is about ‘survival’ it serves to blend conversation and images to reflect a life threatening situation.

According to Rayport and Jaworsky (2007), world-of-mouth communication is a bold way to discuss successes and center the conversation on achievements. For example, one is keen to generate statements like ‘My projects have a different and creative looks that appeals to the younger demographics’. So far, the web traffic has increased by 20 percent since its launch’. Television or radio presentation is effective and deep in terms of influence (Newbold & Campos, 2011). Again, one can present their work portfolios in multiple formats (Kimeldorf, 1997). As well, one can pay attention to listening after presenting my samples and past projects. In an e-mail presentation, a prospective candidate can strike a conversation of the company’s needs and expectations using Google chats. Finally, Galante et al. (2013) suggests that social media platforms like LinkedIn can appeal to the hiring manager by leaving behind a reminder of talents and contact information. Besides, creating more impact, they are acceptable and timely.

One of the advertising and promotional techniques is to attend exhibitions and expos(Rayport & Jaworsky, 2007). After e-mailing completed personal folio forms to the hiring manager, one can showcase talents and accomplished works of leading graphic designs by attending arts and design exhibitions and expos within the city. These expos are attended by various employers and prospective clients. An advertising campaign can also involve preparation and distribution of business cards and flyers (CIM, 2009). Moreover, it is possible to develop a design website that carries most of the work under a simple domain name. Based on the number of traffic to the site, it seeks to appeal to employers that can solve institutional problems in a number of ways (Newbold & Campos, 2011). Posting work of social media such as Facebook and YouTube is one way to advertise and reach potential clients and employers at the same time.

1.3 Strategies

Increasing purchase of specific services and products demands use of short-term marketing strategies that maximize sales promotions. Newbold and Campos (2011) argues that while ads should benefit customers, common methods of advertising include traditional and new media. Traditional media can be word-of-mouth, newspapers, magazines, radio and television while new media involves Web 2.0 to web 4.0 technologies such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter (Rayport & Jaworsky, 2007). The specific strategies are shown below;

Folio forms: Manually entered academic and professional folio forms will be crucial in reaching potential employers. The folio forms will have five sections in a structured style.

Advertising media: The media platforms I will employ will be are; expos and exhibitions, word-of-mouth, television interviews, social media (Facebook and LinkedIn) and creation of a graphic design website.

Profile: Resume style profile is the most effective and appropriate way to profile my work. I will also attach my leading projects as appendices.

Finished work: I will attach approval and recommendation letters from various authorities and employers I have worked for that highlights quality and impact measures. I will also attach my prestigious awards and patents, media comments and collaborations.

Process: I will highlight my leading presentations and design works by packaging in suitable mediums such as MS Powerpoint, LCD projectors and flipcharts.

Expertise and knowledge: I will demonstrate flexibility, creativity and understanding of computer design solutions. I continuously research on new graphic design interfaces and systems.

Tone of voice: I will be bold, deliberate and consistent in reaching my audience (interview panel). This will be reflected in my designs which will have similar tone and brand expectation.

Promotional activities: I intend to do more through word-of-mouth and give interviews to the media such as magazines and television. I will also showcase some of my ads in town halls and institutions such as universities and colleges.


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Graphic Design Research & Strategy Report 1

Figure 2(a): Creative graphic design portfolio

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Figure 2(b): Creative graphic design portfolio

Graphic Design Research & Strategy Report 3

Figure 2(c): Creative graphic design portfolio