Graphic design-MCP Poster research Essay Example


How I plan on exploring merging the two artist’s styles into one mash up poster

Both artists bold colors and flamboyant images in their artwork. The uniqueness artifacts represent emotions and like happiness and sadness in the current society. The artifices could be created using both digital and drawing approaches. Embracing both types especially during paintings produces a natural looking image that simply represents basic aspects in society. Romero is seen to use sharp colors that easily attract the customer’s eyes. As such, using his techniques can be employed to improve on Paul Kleen image which has a shallow paint. Balancing the color shadows meet funs preferences of sharp and shallow paints equally.

Romero Britto and Paul Klee artwork is referred to be childish or Child work. It is therefore easier to incorporate the images into a mash up poster with similar element but of an improved quality. As such, either an animal or human being emotional photos can be created representing both the artist techniques. Such a mash up poster can target any audience especially the children with its application inside the wall houses, bedrooms and living rooms. It outcome portrays emotional happiness.

Romero artifact does not include many colors while Klee applies variety of colors in his work. As such, applying dots and hatchings techniques of Romero to Klee many shapes and lines to represent people or places in his paintings creates a perfect mash up poster.

Conclusively, mashing up a poster that embraces both Romero and Paul Klee work is a bit challenging hence require an individual technical skills. The two artists use different approaches in paintings and drawing as one is traditional and the other is digital print media. As such, it requires drawing a picture by using a hand then use a digital painting to produce bold colors that represents the two artistic works.