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Sport Funding and Sponsorship

Section 1: Executive Summary

The organization provides young people and children within Melbourne with an opportunity to take part in sports activities as well as academic tutoring in order to promote their physical and academic welfare and equip them with life skills as well. The significance of the organization is that young people in Dallas, Melbourne have been involved in various delinquent activities and hence the organization engages the youths to prevent them from engaging in criminal activities. The organization provides play grounds and sports ground as well as recreation parks where youths can engage in various sports and physical activities. The organization is seeking sponsorship in: organizational finances, rent facilities, purchase of equipment as well as hiring of qualified trainers for the football team.

The organization comes with numerous benefits to children, young people and the community at large. First, youths and children have been able to participate in various sporting activities and this keeps them engaged even when they are not at school. This has tremendously reduced the crime rates in the area. In addition, youths have been able to realize their talents in different types of games, improve academically, as well as gain remarkable life skills.

In the light of many benefits that the organization has for the Melbourne community, the organization seeks a funding of $50, 000 which is 35% of the organization’s annual budget of $142, 000. This funding will go a long way in assisting the organization achieve its objectives. To evaluate the success of the organizational projects, a Feedback Survey from the participants will be implemented to measure the reactions of the participants as well as the immediate effect of the program and also other various measures will be used to examine the success of the project.

Section 2: Cover Letter


Phone number

Dear Sir/Madam


Thank you for the opportunity to be considered for funding and sponsorship by your organization. Our organization is located at Melbourne and is aimed at providing training and mentorship to children and young people in various types of sports and life skills at well. A sponsorship with your agency will provide great benefits to our organization.

Within the last four years since the organization was established, the organization has played a big part in changing Melbourne from a region within a high number of idle and unproductive children and young people who often got involved in illegal activities to a region that provides these young ones and children with a valuable structured program.

The organization empowers the youths and children by offering local sports facilities and training in life skills to promote positive values, skills and good behaviors using sports.

A priority need for the organization is funding for buying equipment, rent facilities and hire qualified trainers. Previously, the organization has relied on volunteers as staff members as well as well-wishers for finances. This has resulted to high number of participants, difficulties in recruiting skilled and qualified trainers as well restricted continuity for the participants who success is highly dependent on professional training and the relationships they establish with their trainers.

The organization is requesting $ 50, 000 from your agency to support our projects that make significant differences in the lives of our children and young ones. A funding from your agency will provide us the support we require for the implementation of our current fund raising plan. We believe that our organization is in line with the mission, vision and interest of your agency and that you will take us into consideration and budget to support our organization.

Thank you and looking forward to hear from you at your earliest convenience.


Name of the Organization

Phone number

Section 3: Organization Details

The organization was started on 5th January 2012 as a non-profit organization. The objective of the organization is to provide the youths and children in Melbourne estates a safe haven where they can participate in an all-inclusive program of sports and educational tutoring that will promote their physical, academic and life skills to prepare and endow them to succeed in both for their communities as well as in their personal lives. The organization is based in Dallas, Melbourne where crime rates are high and there are a few churches, grocery stores and a few businesses to boast of. But thanks to the organization, there are several sports grounds and courts as well as recreation parks. The organization is home base to Dallas and mainly focuses in providing children and young people with sports activities as well as in assignment assistance and mentoring them in regard to life skills and character development using sports such as football, tennis and basketball as well.

As a sports organization, we are seeking sponsorship for the following:

  • To assist with organization finances

  • To rent facilities

  • To buy equipment

  • To hire qualified trainers for the football team

Research shows that the most of youths in Australia experience two or more co-existing risk behaviors (Papalia et al, 2014). The manifold risk behaviors interact and this increases the likelihood of individual and social problems and also hinders positive development of young people (Carpenter, 2010). There have been many cases of criminal activities, truancy, drugs and alcohol abuse, rising obesity as well as teenage pregnancies and poor academic performance in children and young people in Melbourne (Papalia et al, 2014). But all this is changed and the organization has played a big role in this change. The organization has earned a reputation as an NGO that has managed to help young people and children who face problems that many young people in urban areas face.

At present, rather than seeing young people and children idling in the street corners doing nothing useful other than engaging in criminal and illicit activities, now many children and young people can be seen enjoying sports activities on a warm Melbourne afternoon. Young people put pride in winning games and congratulate each other after the end of matches. All this happens after children are done with their school assignments with the assistance of mentors and tutors as well. Until today, the above would have been unimaginable in most neighborhoods in Melbourne.

Project Description

Training high risk, inner-city teenagers and young people to be successful in life and discover and develop their sport talents is the core purpose of the organization. The main elements of the organization encompass:

  • Physical exercises to promote healthy weights and combat obesity

  • Integrating life skills where young people are trained to become responsible

  • Mentoring and assisting in school work

  • Football, basketball and tennis training

All participants in the organization get instructions in various sports in one-on-one settings and eventually practice the skills in the field. They are trained on team-work, rules of different games, etiquette, self-esteem, sportsmanship, accountability and responsibility as well as time management. The life skills are incorporated throughout the participants’ stay in the organization and trainers usually guide them how the life skills can be applied within all life aspects.

The organization has been privileged to have some volunteers who train the youths and children in various activities in accordance to their skills. For instance, there are some renowned sportsmen who have volunteered to provide training to the participants once in a while. In addition, university and college students also volunteer themselves to mentor and also train the children and young children and in most cases assume the role of tutors. All participants are given incentives to motivate them based on their attendance, performance as well as good behavior.

Section 4: Benefits

There is a great need for the young people in the areas to engage in programs that offer activities that keep them preoccupied and physically active and also it is necessary to have programs that support children during holidays and after school hour. In this area, it has been reported that young people and even children engage in criminal activities especially in the evening. Therefore, there is a need for the young people and children in the area who are struggling to have the right direction in their life and have constructive opportunities to ensure that they are safe and do not get involved in criminal activities. In addition, research has shown that children and young people in this area do not utilize their talents in spite of them being talented in various sports’ talents due to lack of opportunities (Ware, 2013). Moreover, a study published in a children’s journal found out that children who were not engaged in any activity after their school hours reported higher use of drugs, alcohol and smoking as opposed to children involved in activities after school. Studies show that sport programs such as this one keeps children and young people safe and prevents them from engaging in criminal activities and also considerably improves their educational achievement (Papalia et al, 2014).

Melbourne especially Dallas has considerably high rates of criminal activities, truancy, teenagers’ pregnancy, obesity, alcohol and drugs use among young people and also there is lack of constructive activities for children and young people (Papalia et al, 2014). Therefore, there are many benefits of a sports program for children and young people in the area. Accordingly, to provide a safe haven for inner-city children and young people of Melbourne, a program patterned to provide various sport activities such as football and tennis to provide youths of Melbourne with different sporting activities and ensure they adhere to the First Serve Life Skills Curriculum. Even since the program was started, the program has gained positive repute for offering constructive activities that assist in lowering criminal activities and also reducing alcohol and drugs intake among young people, providing an opportunity to use their talents, raising academic performance as well as on offering life skills to ensure success in school, within the community and in life at large.

Section 5: Budget, Investment and Evaluation

Equipment, materials, sportswear & other capital expenses $100, 000

Printing & publications $ 1, 000

Rent & other occupancy costs $10, 000

Salaries $20, 000

Supplies $ 2, 000

Telephone $ 1, 000

Travel $ 2, 000

Utilities $ 1, 000

Other expenses $ 5, 000

$142, 000

Requested Grant $50, 000 (35% of the budget)

Our organization will acknowledge your support with suitable signage and also a publication will be made in our quarterly magazine and also news releases will be submitted to the local media.

Implementation plan

  • This year the organization plans to implement the program to 100 number of youths and children enrolled at our organization during a one year period.  

  • Staff members will get live online training and only the skilled sportsmen and sportswomen will be recruited to train children and youths in various types of sports.  Therefore the organization will train participants using certified and trained staff 

  • Parents and guardians of the participants will be sent flyers. The purpose of the flyers is to provide the guardians and parents with tangible examples of how to be role models in mentoring and monitoring of children and young people at home.

  • Web-based resources will be sent to youths and their guardians and parents regarding all organizational activities. The activities encompass promoting sports and physical activities, being engaged and avoiding drug and alcohol abuse.


  • A Feedback Survey from the participants will be implemented to measure the reactions of the participants as well as the immediate effect of the program

  • Approximately 90 percent of project participants will complete their respective scheduled activities as evaluated by attendance records

  • At least 75% of participants will indicate improvement at school as measured by their academic performances and tutor feedback reports

  • At least 80% of participants will actively participate in their favorite sport activities as measured by their time spent in taking part in these activities

  • At least 20% of the participants will go ahead and join various national teams as measured by the number of the organization’s participants who join national teams

  • At least 80 percent of the participants will increase the amount of time they spend in sport and reading activities as measured using pre and post screenings


Carpenter A, 2010, Rec and Read: stories of an Aboriginal youth mentor program, Master of Arts thesis, Winnipeg: University of Manitoba.

Papalia N, Thomas S, Ching H & Daffern M, 2014, Changes in the prevalence and nature of violent crime by youth in Victoria, Australia, PMC, vol. 10. No. 19, p. 213-223.

Ware V, 2013, Mentoring programs for Indigenous youth at risk Resource sheet no. 22 produced for the Closing the Gap Clearinghouse, Youth Studies Australia, 24(4):45.

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