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Funding and Sponsorship for La Trobe University Soccer Club

Sports and Funding initiatives are instrumental for the support of organizational or institutional objectives. They are imperative for they provide resources that are used for the attainment of goals. This paper seeks to make a grant application for La Trobe University Soccer Club that will be used to solicit funds from a government agency.

Executive Summary

The La Trobe University Soccer Club comprises of 100 male members and 30 female members. All members are in the age group of 10-35 and live within a kilometer radius of the Institution. The goals of the institution’s soccer club are fixated on the provision of an opportunity for students as well as the residents of Bundoora to play soccer and enjoy the sport. The clubs ethos and motto is Hard but Fair. The club is situated within the Institution of Higher Learning in Kingsbury Drive in Bundora. It was founded in the year 1989 by a group of passionate soccer fans (Australian Football League 11).

La Trobe University Soccer Club has two natural turf fields that it uses for training and gameplay. Both field s are fitted with lights to facilitate the playing of games during the night. The club has competitions during the winter that incorporates both juniors and seniors. These competitions are held during the weekends on Saturdays and Sundays (Australian Soccer League 14)

The club has achieved great milestones considering its standards, for instance, it won the Soccer Federation Victoria Fair Play Award in 2013. It has also earned a manifold of league championship for both gender leagues for seniors as well as juniors between the ages of 10 and 16 (Australian Football League 19).

La Trobe University Soccer Club seeks funding for the replacement of its old and worn out soccer grounds. The granter of this sponsorship will benefit from it since all Victorians get greater access to sports and recreational facilities. It will also maintain Victoria reputation as a leading state in sports sponsorships in Australia. The stakeholders for this application are the Football Federation of Bundoora and the Town of Derabin, who are the proprietors of the team. The club needs a total of $670, 000 to facilitate its project.

Cover Letter

Sports and Recreation Victoria

Sports Victoria



Dear Sir/Madam,

We are writing to apply for a grant from the Community Sports Infrastructure Fund, which is a stimulus program that assists in the provision of quality and accessible sport and recreational facilities. We are seeking the sponsorship to repair our old and dilapidated football field for La Trobe University Soccer Club. Assessors have estimated the cost of replacing the worn out soccer field will be $670,000. The club has raised funds from various sources and has $20,000 in its bank savings, $100, 000 from club member’s levy and $500,000 from the local government’s funds.

The club has limited funds to cater for infrastructural development. Successful allocation of the grant will be useful in improving the field’s condition that will facilitate better play and training, reducing the tendency of injury occurrence. It will also improve the overall appearance of the pitch. The club is comprised of both men and women in the age groups of 10-35 years and has an overall of 130 members. The club is instrumental for it provides the community with an opportunity to exercise their potential in soccer as well as provide an exceptional recreational site for viewers.

The soccer team will benefit from the sponsorship by strengthening the capacity of Sport for the team, reinforcing, and the enriching role of sport, as well as creating a suitable avenue for excelling in soccer. We think that through your valuable input into the club’s activities, the club will be able to achieve its objectives as a result of the availability of a properly fitted playing field.

Organization Details

The Latrobe University Soccer Club is a club that encompasses both genders. Its men’s team plays in the State League Competition in the North West Division while the women’s team plays in the Women’s Premier League. The club is located in Melbourne in a suburb with moderate population growth situated near the La Trobe University (Volunteering South Australia 13).

The club takes in and nurtures the talent of individuals within the age range of 10-35 years. Besides the club sets its goals in line with achieving the capacity to allow broad participation from persons from all walks of life. It also aims to provide coaching programs for all age groups.

The club was founded in early 1989. It was founded by three fanatical soccer fans who passionate of playing soccer in a friendly atmosphere. The group was students of La Trobe University. Besides the club has in the past been successful in both men and women premierships. Every junior championship under the age of 10 years to 16 years has been successful in the wining of awards. The club is useful to the community for it provides a program that keeps youths active in a beneficial activity and not left to engage in potentially destructive activities (AFL Victoria 9).

Additionally, the La Trobe soccer team targets the Victorian Government through its Community Sports and Infrastructure Fund. The government entity aims at increasing access to sport and recreation for all residents in Victoria. It also encourages the participation of females and juniors in the games. One of its goals is to provide environment-friendly facilities. It encourages clubs to design universally friendly facilities. The Community Sports and Infrastructure Fund is a fund created by the government to facilitate the provision of services on its behalfs such as building new and renovation of already existing facilities. The government, therefore, acts a client.

The community will benefit from free access to a recreational facility and an opportunity to nurture talent facilitated by the provision of amenities. It will also provide opportunities for women to develop themselves through practicing their talent thereby promoting gender equality. The goals of the club and the community will be achieved (AFL Victoria 11).


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