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Wеrribее Теnnis Сlub (WТС) grant application

Executive summary

Werribee Tennis was founded in 1978 is a private tennis academy that is located at Chirnside Park Watton St, Werribee. The club has eight plexipave private tennis courts of which 6 of them have lights. The club also has two clay courts which it’s seeking to develop through a sponsorship from Sport and Recreation Victoria. The purpose of the club is for a friendly and social environment for people of all ages and abilities living around the Werribee area. The clubs goal is «to provide opportunities to enjoy tennis for the people of Werribee». To make people enjoy tennis in the area, the club is seeking sponsorship from Sport and Recreation Victoria to renovate its clay courts and built three more tennis courts. The clubs membership is increasing. Hence, the available courts are not enough to handle the existing members. The club was founded by a group of friends who wanted to be able to play tennis for fun in Werribee (they were tired of traveling to Williamstown, the closest suburb at the time with tennis courts. To improve effectiveness in its operations, the club came up with a very distinct approach to becoming a more professional body on and off the field. This has seen the club go from strength to strength. The clubs management continues to work hard to make the club as strong as possible. Each day new members are given the club membership and over time, the club has been looking for sponsors and to help it achieve some of its goals (Victoria., 2002).

Table of Contents

Executive summary 2

Table of Contents 3

Achievements & Contributions: 4


Western Region Tennis Association 5

Organizational details 5


Public benefit of the program and its awareness 6

Club’s mission, goals, and objectives 6

Sport and Recreation Victoria (SRV). sponsorship 7

Objectives of the Werribee Tennis Club 8

Approach 9

Project schedule 9



Achievements & Contributions:

• WTC won the Tennis Australia Community Club of the Year Award in 2010.

• WTC has also won multiple premierships in Pennant (Women and Men), and in every junior section except Section 18.

• WTC offers coaching programs for all aged groups. Wheelchair players are also welcome.


The Werribee tennis club has the following stakeholders;

• The City of Hobson Bay (local government) – owners of the WTC tennis courts and clubhouse.

• The people of Werribee

• Tennis Australia

• Tennis Victoria


The name of the incorporated tennis club is known as Werribee Tennis Club, abbreviated as WTC and the club takes part in the western region tennis association league. The western region tennis association offers a twice-yearly 14-15 weak team competition played on the weekend of the senior and junior tennis players.

Western Region Tennis Association

The western region tennis association offers a twice-yearly 14-15 week team competition played on the weekend for Senior and Junior tennis players.

Junior competition – junior competition is offered two times a year – during the Season of summer that lasts from the month October to March and the Winter Season that lasts from April to September. This is played on either a Saturday or Sunday morning.

Senior competition – this competition is also offered two times a year – the Summer Season lasting from October to March and the Winter Season lasting from April to September. There is a two player pennant format as well as a four-player mixed competition which is played on Saturday afternoons.

Organizational details

The Werribee Tennis Club is seeking to develop numerous whereby younger soccer stars will be trained and educated with hope of making them international football stars. The project will be a partnership between Werribee Tennis Club and

Applicants name and contact information

Name of the club: Werribee Tennis Club

Official responsible for overseeing the tennis academy: Werribee Tennis Club Supervisor

Name: Werribee Tennis Club


Galvin Park Sports Ground

95 Shaws Road

Werribee, Vic 3030

Melways Ref: 205 H4

Email address – [email protected]

The tennis club welcomes new members to register to be eligible to take part in its tournaments. The tennis club offers both competitive and social tennis on a weekly basis. All abilities of tennis are catered for and all ages.

Public benefit of the program and its awareness

Werribee Tennis Club project seeks to put up new tennis courts as well as renovating the existing ones. The aim of the project is to benefit people of the local community as well as members of the other neighboring communities as well. The clubs program will seek to engage new students aged between 10-20 years, mostly those joining college. The main aim of the tennis club will be to promote young talents through offering the youngsters new opportunities and avenues. The program will promote all the best practices for training in tennis according to the guidelines provided by the world tennis bodies.

Club’s mission, goals, and objectives

Werribee Tennis Club mission is building a world class academy and introducing young tennis players to professional training and practice. The club understands that it has a responsibility of serving the community, and the best way to do this is to build a world-class tennis courts that will attract many members from the area and beyond. The club will seek to make the game more fun and enjoyable, meaning that the members at the club can participate in the game either recreationally or competitively. Werribee Tennis Club seeks to offer this opportunity to as many youngsters as possible (Victoria., 2002).

The clubs main goal is to provide young tennis enthusiasts with an opportunity to advance their talents through professional training and practices, under supervision of world class coaches and football experts. The clubs members will also be offered opportunities to participate in local, national and international tournaments in Australia and abroad. Coaches of the club will aim at cultivating a team spirit that will go a long way in promoting and supporting young talents in the area. To achieve these objectives and goals, the club will depend on support from the City of Hobson Bay (local government) – owners of the WTC tennis courts and clubhouse, The people of Werribee, Tennis Australia, and Tennis Victoria since it cannot under take the project on its own (inc., 2006).

Sport and Recreation Victoria (SRV). sponsorship

Werribee Tennis Club seeks the sponsorship of sport and recreation Victoria through monetary support, staff and assets as well to realize its goal. Building the academy to completion will require a large amount of money hence that is why the club is seeking help from the University. The club will also be requiring using the university’s football grounds for training purposes as well as playing its home matches. The community around the club stands to benefit a lot from the program because most of the members of the club will be sought from the community.

Sport and Recreation Victoria purpose is to: «maximize the economic and social benefits provided to all Victorians by the sport and recreation sector through ensuring greater access and opportunities for participation in sport and recreation by all Victorians;

  • maintaining Victoria’s reputation as Australia’s leading state for sporting and major events;

  • improving the quality of community sport and recreation facilities;

  • strengthening the capacity of sport and recreation organizations;

  • continuing a robust evidence base for activities in the sport and active recreation system;

  • Reinforcing the enriching role that sport and recreation play in people’s lives.»

Objectives of the Werribee Tennis Club

Werribee Tennis Club aims to build some tennis courts that will be able to house all its members during tournaments and competitions. To ensure that the team is efficient and performs well in competitions, the club will hold practices three days a week except during rainy seasons when the tennis courts are not accessible. Carrying out assessment tests and medical tests is also important because it ensures that new members who are recruitment meet the basic requirements and qualifications of the Werribee Tennis Club. Another objective of the Werribee Tennis Club is to cultivate a culture of playing tennis during leisure ours so that members of the neighboring community can join the club (inc., 2006).


The club will actively seek new members and also those from outside the community to strengthen the club to meet international standards. Membership will be done through many different avenues such as student newsletters, posting on the university’s social media platforms, by email and other electronic engaging sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The club is committed to employing all resources deemed necessary to achieve the organizations goals and ambitions. The clubs management will monitor the progress of the program by tracking the membership of new students, announcing its results and successes through meetings and practice attendance. The progress of the project will also be measured by how the students perform in tournaments nationally and their failure could mean that the project is not delivering and hence can be shut down. New members will undergo a mentorship program where they will be taught basic soccer skills before they graduate to the next stage. Through participation and promotion of Youngers, the club will introduce and engage the youngsters on the latest soccer practices as a way of motivating them (Victoria., 2002).

Project schedule

Werribee Tennis Club hopes to open doors of its tennis courts in 6 months after getting the requested funds from the Sport and Recreation Victoria, the main sponsor of the project. The report on team members, staff, and budget will be made public after an additional three months and the financial year will be running from 30 September each year. Practices will be held on Wednesdays and weekends to give students time to catch up with their studies. To prepare the team for international matches, the club hopes to organize inter-state tennis games, ensuring that there will be games each and every weekend (Inc., 2006).


will have around 65 members and most of club members live within a kilometer from the clubs grounds and facilities .The expenses will be outlined as below; club The

Cost (in dollars)


Members allowances

Staff allowances





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