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Speech: Education

The Chancellor,

The Vice Chancellor,


Head of Departments,

Lectures and my fellow students

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today is a day that comes with great joy and thanksgiving to the almighty God for the success and achievement that we as graduates in the field of education are celebrating. Personally, it is a time that reminds me of the begging of my journey of becoming a teacher. Consultants and many school administrators within the state have categorized the education program is among the strongest programs within the region in the preparation of teachers at all levels of education.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my privilege and honor to present my sincere gratitude and happiness as a I share with you my achievement and success in the field of education. Everyone one of you in the field of education will bear witness with me that the subject of education assessment is critical to the field of education. This is a unit that that stood out my knowledge and understanding as a future competent teacher. According to Butt (2010), assessment matters in the field of education, and as a teacher, my future practice will be guided by my capability to demonstrate thoughts, insights and creativity that is independent when making suggestions to issues that are related to assessment.

Ladies and gentlemen, as I quote Killen (2005), assessment is one aspect that a competent teacher must utilize to achieve quality teaching as well as learning. I want to affirm that my success as a teacher in future will be determined by applying what I have learned in this unit. Therefore, applying knowledge and understanding of the key assessment principles in developing assessment plans as well as teaching and learning programs is a skill that I will utilize in my future practice as a teacher.

Ladies and gentlemen, in this graduation ceremony, I am sharing with you the need of understanding education in its global context. In the unit of education in a global society, as per the Global Monitoring Report (2010), I well understand that there exist education inequalities in the world and as a teacher I have a responsibility to play in overcoming these inequalities in all way that I can. My educational vision is to see a world without inequalities in education, and this can only be achieved by my dedication in providing education to all without discrimination of any kind.

Ladies and gentlemen, the field of education has taught me what I should expect from the learner as an educator. It is a unit that increased my knowledge in relation to the development of school aged children and adolescents. I want to quote McDevitt & Ormrod (2011) to demonstrate my achievement in this unit. These authors stated that cognition as well as social cognition are aspects that are most relevant in the practice of education. Therefore, as an educator, my practice will be highly depended on understanding the attention, motivation, self, metacognition, memory and emotional development of the learners.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am honored as a teacher today to share with you the necessity of ICT in education. In the unit of ICT and education, it is a subject that enhanced my understanding of how ICT is changing the field of education. I cannot fail to recognize this essential tool that I must use in the classroom as a teacher. As a successful and competent teacher, I am able to successfully select and also apply learning technologies in achieving the intended learning outcomes.

Ladies and gentlemen, the field of education is one that I could not complete without learning the factors that affect students in learning mathematics. Completing the unit of Mathematics in Schools was a success and I now know the meaning of basic concepts that are selected in mathematics, how students go about learning these concepts and the influence of teaching in student learning.

Finally, ladies and gentlemen, I cannot forget my achievement in the unit of the psychological context of education. It is a unit that has contributed greatly in my knowledge of education psychology. Duchesne et al., (2013) says that educational psychologyinvolves a combination of the primary theories of psychology and education and how they apply in the teaching and learning context. Ladies and gentlemen, education psychology is a unit that I can say it focuses human development. My educational vision is ensure I understand factors that influence student learning and development including social, cognitive, emotional, language as well as physical development.

As I come to a close, ladies and gentlemen, I thank you all for this opportunity given to me at this time to express my gratitude and success in the education field. For all who contributed to this success, my lectures, parents, friends and mentors, I appreciate your input into my life up to this moment and my future endeavors in the education field.

Thank you all and may God bless you.


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