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Mining Engineer

What do you think the primary advantages of Fleet Management Systems are? (In order of importance)

Fleet management systems provide the business with the opportunity to track all its vehicles at any particular given time therefore the company has real time information on the whereabouts of each vehicle. They also enhance the security and control of the fleet by incorporating a security component that can disable a vehicle while it is not in operation, stolen or when the vehicle is driven off course by rogue drivers. By so doing, the fleet management systems enhance the security of the goods being transported.

Some fleet management systems have an inbuilt component which facilitates vehicle diagnosis and provides real-time information with regard to such aspects as mileage and fuel consumption. With such information, the company is in a better position to make timely decisions and do accounting more accurately and at the same time cut on expenditure more wisely.

Fleet management systems have inbuilt software which performs a series of vehicle management tasks right from acquisition to the time of disposal of the vehicle. These tasks include trip profiling, driver/vehicle profiling, dispatching, vehicle efficiency and many others.

What do you think the major advances in Mining Management Automation will be in the next 5 years?

In my opinion advancements in the mining management automation are geared towards making improvements with regard to optimising on efficiency, reducing production costs, improving health, enhancing security and precision and creating more attractive working conditions. Pressure on mine operators to dig more out of the ground is ever increasing. Therefore advanced automation, communication and control technologies are strongly demanded in the mining and resources sectors. Therefore major developments are in the next five years are expected to unveil more advanced communication and control technologies which will provide the much needed efficiency, precision, security and at the same time increase productivity . This means that in the next five years the mining field will rely more on technology such as remote controlled equipment to undertake much of the mining. The focus will be to develop a robotic mine where most of the operations which were undertaken on the mine site can be performed thousands of miles away by the click of a button. Employees will now have an easy task since they will basically work like air traffic controllers. They will supervise the automated production drills, loaders and haul trucks from a remote operations centre.

In the area of exploration, a next generation airborne gravity gradiometry system is under development which promises to deliver significant increases in sensitivity and resolution of land surveys

Key among these improvements are expected to be:

  • Improved benchmarking with the implementation of best practice for automated fleet management.

  • Enhancement in cost efficiency by application of automated payload management systems.

  • Optimisation of mine site safety in the already increasingly automated operational mining environment.

  • Automation has been regarded as the future of mining operations

How do you think Mine Managements solutions can improve the operation of Auxiliary equipment (Drills, Water Trucks, Dozers, Graders) with the mine?

Mine management solution improve the operation of auxiliary mining equipment by providing the maintenance team will real-time equipment condition which will facilitate timely maintenance and therefore eliminating possible breakdowns while at the same time ensuring operations at the mine site are not adversely affected. Mine management solutions also help to ensure the quality usage of the auxiliary equipment through highlighting and rectifying inappropriate operator actions which would otherwise lead to equipment failure. Such an initiative guarantees the healthy use of the equipment and therefore increasing its operational time and maximizing on fuel efficiency. Real time data acquired from mine care systems facilitates the maximization of the life cycle of the auxiliary equipment and its components leading to reduced costs per ton. The dispatch optimization algorithm manages the number of trucks at each shovel therefore reducing the hang time and ensuring no time and money is wasted as a result of some shovels being idle. The dispatch optimization algorithm ensures trucks are reassigned to any shovel in order to reduce any hang time.

Real time guidance of the drilling machines ensures that the drill operator follow the drilling plan accurately. This will positively enhance the health of the drilling equipment.

Provision solutions have come in handy to alert loading equipment operators of any variations of the bench grade against the plan and therefore ensuring corrective measures are taken. This will ensure no damage occurs on the haulage equipment. Through the dispatch system, equipment are guided on the best travel route therefore reducing fuel usage, wear and tear of the equipment and operator time. The dispatch system also efficiently manages equipment and personnel thus ensuring multi-stage operations take place efficiently without interruptions.

How does improvements in wireless bandwidth impact on the potential solutions offered by Fleet Managements solutions?

Improvements in wireless bandwidth will facilitate more timely data to be relayed and therefore increase the scope and number of tasks performed by fleet management systems. This will facilitate improvements in efficiency in the management the fleet and at the same time provide cost cutting opportunities that were otherwise not available earlier. For example, Real-time wireless monitoring of actual vehicle run-time will ensure that the right vehicle gets the right attention at precisely the right time .This will therefore reduce preventative maintenance further.

Another benefit that will be accrued from improvements in the wireless bandwidth on fleet management will be to bring about significant reductions in the operational costs of the system. This will be achieved through increasing the scope of tasks performed and improvements in the design which will have an impact on the final budget of operating such a system.

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