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Table of Contents

Executive Summary………………………………………………………… 3

Business industry and Opportunities……………………………………….. 4

Current and Future Trends………………………………………………….. 5

Driving forces and success factors………………………………………….. 5

Opportunities………………………………………………………………… 6

Target Market Analysis……………………………………………………… 7

Competition ………………………………………………………………. 9

Physical presence (location, premise, layout, facilities & maintenance) …… 10

Goldman Financial Advisory Processes and Supplies……………………… 12

Conclusion………………………………………………………………….. 13

References…………………………………………………………………… 14

Executive Summary

The report compiled below is a feasibility plan analysis. It focuses on a plan to establish a business for provision of financial advisory solutions, auditing and Communication and Information technology consultancy. The name of the company is Goldman Financial advisory Solutions, and is based in Australia. The report pays attention to the structure of financial advisory market as well as the competition, and potential ways to excel in this industry. The report focuses on factors that make Goldman Financial advisory solutions unique, and the points out the challenges in this industry. It also entails a lay out of the office and the structure of the office on departments. The structure of the company, and the process used ensure a good flow of their operations as a company are also very clear in this feasibility report, making the idea a viable business proposal.

Business industry and Opportunities

Goldman Financial advisory solutions will mainly focus on providing financial services such as auditing, financial planning, superannuation as well as Information, Communications and Technology. The company will rely on my knowledge in both management and accounting. The main objective of Goldman Financial Advisory solutions is to be the leading firm focusing on specialized activities such as auditing, communication and information systems, financial advisory and superannuation in Australia. It will also rely on its shareholders to enhance the company to finance its day to day operations. The target clients of this business idea are mainly the private sector investors such as industry owners, real estate, engineering firms as well as government firms. Accounting solutions are always required by any single business or entity regardless of whether private or government sponsored. The company will also hire smart young accounting professionals. Injecting new blood into the company will promote creativity, energy and dedication to work(Snedaker, 2007). The company intends to train its employees on skills such as tax compliance services, bookkeeping and Information and communication technologies. Training the junior staff on these key skills will always ensure that they remain motivated, and focused to pursue the goal of the company. To fit into the market, Goldman Financial Advisory solutions will have to work on a strategic marketing plan that will ensure that they get the attention of all the target clients. The company also intends to work hand in hand with Investment Advisors, Surveyors and valuators too. The purpose of valuators is to assist the company to know the current market value of various products. The company’s support and operations team will work together to address all customer complaints.

Current and Future Trends

At the moment, most financial advisory companies are very accurate with the business needs that they attend. Also, they rarely specialize with more than one financial need. Goldman Financial advisory is different since it integrates other inter related financial aspects such as superannuation and financial advisory. There are also very few firms that have focused on Superannuation solutions. In future, the specialization of the financial advice of superannuation will be very marketable, and this will make the company even more lucrative. The modern way of handling superannuation requires the people to be computer literate since they have now introduced simpler ways to save money online, withdraw or claim your pension savings on your mobile device(Pearce, 2010).

Driving forces and success factors

The main driving force of this company is the increasing need for financial advisory, superannuation, information technology and auditing needs. Every single day, the growing population of literate people around the world increases the clientele of financial consulting services. Therefore, the company’s key targets will remain valid as long as technology continues evolving from one stage to the next, and as long as the literacy levels of people around the world continues increasing every day(Media, 2011). The increasing growth of the corporate world is also another success factor of this business. The business sector is growing so fast today, with all types of businesses. Technological growth is another motivation to our work. With its rapid growth, our business becomes easier and more relevant to our target population. Our business is characterized by activities such as financial analysis and auditing that all depend on Information, communication, and technology. As the internet continues to expand to remote areas it consequently increases the list of our potential clients. Besides the company has a network of accounting professionals, and is also receptive to new ideas. These success factors ensure that the company can offer fast and quality auditing, financials advisory and Superannuation solutions in Australia. The company is also planning to create a culture of responsiveness of customer’s needs. The culture is so important in ensuring business continuity for such a company.


The company’s products are very marketable, and this happens to be its most vital opportunity. Consultancy services are broad, and incorporation of many departments and employees means that skilled workforce will increase the level of the company’s productivity. For example; these employees will offer services such as financial analysis, personal financial advice, wealth management, protection, Business Succession Planning and Business restructuring among others as figure1. My management skills will come in handy in helpingthese employees to work together for the common goals of the company.

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Target Market Analysis

Goldman Financial Advisory Solutions divides its target market into the following; Public Organizations, Large Businesses, Small businesses, medium businesses and individual investors. The Medium and small business are the main focus of the company. The current trend in the financial market shows that new businesses have the highest potential providing business to an auditing or financial advisory firm. Since the market is broad and not limited by the area of the client’s specialization, it gives the company some ample time to utilize it as much as possible. The company also estimates the growth rate of the market to be between 10 and 20 % per year. The company achieves this target by optimizing on their marketing opportunities. They post advertisements on social media, print media, and electronic media as well.

Segmentation of the current market for the company is very important to the company. It helps them to come up with approaches to settle the needs of the target population. The market is mainly segmented into two parts which include;

  • Investors and Individual persons

  • Medium and Small Business

The company understands that the needs of its target market are broad, and they require a combination of skill, dedication, and talent to meet these needs. Small and medium business, as well as individuals and investors, are used to getting poor financial advisory services; the company aims at giving quality financial advice, auditing, and superannuation.

Goldman has also identified the following three key market trends. First and foremost, the market is characterized by fast growth in the ever-changing business environment. The ability of business to adapt to these changes determines its competitive advantage and continuity in business. This is achieved through calculated strategy and structuring of the company(Pinson, 2008). Secondly, the company identifies the increased unsuccessful business ventures as another trend feature. Increased rates of unsuccessful ventures will result into more investigation of the company, litigation, and business restructuring. The third market friend that the company has identified is that there is a predictable growth in the field of financial advisory and auditing. It is because of the increasing rate of investors in Australia; both foreign and local.

The business of financial consulting, Auditing, communication and information systems in Australia is a bit flooded, but still has a large opportunity for growth. When we look at the competition positively, we find it as an opportunity to exercise our freedom of being in a free market where a company tries their very best to get clients using offers, discounts and delivering the best to its clients(Burns, 2007). As a company, we also depend on referrals of customers who have previously enjoyed the quality of our services in the company.

The sales of our company will be affected directly by our ability to market and get the attention of our consumers. Apart from marketing, the Australian business environment will also influence our sale. For example, a field such as Information and Communication technology is very competitive. To succeed in this area of specialization, the company will develop and analyze assumptions on the economic development, political or the regulatory environment, socio-cultural environments and the competitive environment. Having examined these factors, the company will successfully fit into the business environment and cope adequately with the changes.


The business of finance consultancy, auditing, superannuation, and information and communication systems is characterized by intense competition. The level of education in Australia is above average for most people, and this increases their need for these services. The best determining factor of getting clients for companies doing related business depends on referrals. Our business is very keen on first time clients. The company has a culture of striving for continued excellence, and this improves the first impression of our clients. We then depend on referrals that come from these clients. We have identified our biggest competitors in the Australian market to be the Accenture, Booz & Company, IBM Australian, Third Horizon Company and Partners in Performance. These five companies are the top five finance consultancy firms in the Australian Market. These companies have been in existence for a longer period, and have a stable business flow. Our marketing strategy targets mainly on their weaknesses. We aim at providing our clients with the services, and products that these key Australian financial advisory firms do not give to their clients. These competitors have always remained on top of the business since they are very selective during their recruitment process(Weller, 2010). For example, Accenture has worked on high end projects of the Australian government such as Smart grids, E-health system and the National Broadband Network. Achieving such contract requires a company to have very skilled and motivated employees. Our company will also be very keen on the skills f the people that it hires. Goldman Financial Advisory Company will focus mainly on talented and tech-savvy youths. These young people will provide skilled labor, and make up the company’s vibrant team for marketing and execute our projects. These companies also supply a wide range of products for their clients. They mainly focus on Finance, management and technology consultancy. They train their skilled employees into powerful business leaders who easily penetrate the market regardless of the competition.

Regardless of the competition, the growth and trend in the Australian Market show us that there is still a chance for Goldman Financial Advisory solutions. The choice of services and goods for the company makes it unique, and can easily fit into the market without taking so long.

Physical presence (location, premise, layout, facilities & maintenance)

The company’s physical location will be in Melbourne, Australia. We chose this location as a result of its strategic position. Although the rent is expensive, it is the best place to locate such a business. Our competitors are also located in this city, and this increases the chances of getting business for our company. The premise is a 21 storesbuilding, and we have occupied two floors, which will be subdivided depending on the departments. When the company expands, we intend to add the number of floors, and expand the size of the existing departments. These three floors of the Arcadian Towers are the 15th and 16th floors. The structure of the building is environmentally friendly, and has a lift and elevator system. Therefore, it eliminates the challenge of accessing the office at any single time. The company’s premises have the following structures and departments; The Chief Officers Office, Chief Finance Officer’s Office, Accounting department Open Office, Management services office and VIP meeting office, as figure 2. Second floor have Information and technology Head of Department’s Office, the Marketing Office, the Cashier’s Office, large room for meeting, reception, 6 offices for costumer services, 4 offices for analyses and kitchen for lunch time as figure 3. The layout and structure of the office has a pleasant ambiance and includes a very inviting interior design. The rooms have a colorful theme that clearly shows the company’s goals, mission statement, and values. Integrity and commitment to providing quality services have been emphasized a lot in the theme. The offices have five causal workers, whose main job is to clean up the offices, and do constant maintenance.

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figure 2, First floor

figure 3 second floor

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Goldman Financial Advisory Processes and Supplies

Goldman Financial Advisory Solutions has a very simple product supply chain. It begins with our marketing team. Whenever the members of our Marketing Team strike a deal, they communicate the details with the Operations department. At this point, they give details such as the nature of service required by the customer, the type of business of the customer as well as the amount quoted for provision of that particular service. The operations manager proceeds by assessing the needs of the clients to identify the level of expertise needed. For example, if the client requires superannuation analysis, the Operations, manager identifies the team that will provide the specific product. They also identify the specific timeline to avoid delaying the client’s project. In some instances, the nature of the projects requires sub contracting. This happens especially when the projects are extremely involving and located at many different parts of the country. During such scenarios, the Operation Manager identifies the need to subcontract and communicates the same to the C.E.O and the Finance Officer.

The Finance and Accounting team use the premium Sage Accounting computer system to manage the inventories and pay subcontractors and suppliers. There is also another custom made program known as “A Team Finance” the program manages all the logistics and activities of the company. It generates reports of all the activities taking place in other departments. The Information and Communications department is responsible for the support of this program, as well as protecting the data.

The company has a set of regulations that it uses to protect its relation with entities such as employees, shareholders, subcontractors and the end clients The Company has a registered attorney that it uses to make up an agreement with all these entities. The most sensitive contract is the one between the company and the client. The Attorney is very keen to protect both the interest of the customer and the company, as a result of the nature of this business; the company has also developed a clause of confidentiality for all the employees. The clause is an oath for all the employees that they will not share the financial information of the customers with outsiders, or use this information against the will of our customers. Goldman Financial Advisory Solutions also intends to manage business seasonal variations through diversity. Since the business environment is very seasonal, the company has diversified its products and services to ensure they remain relevant even during downtime or seasonal variations. When there are no auditing clients, the business will capitalize more on Superannuation and provision of Communications and Information services and products.


In conclusion, it is clear that Goldman Financial Advisory Solutions has a viable plan and relevant business idea. The work plan shows that they will fit well into the Australian Market, and exploit the available opportunities. Also, their target market is likely to embrace their products and goods. However, the competition in this business requires the company to remain committed to the provision of quality goods and services. Providing excellent services will be a sure way to get referrals for this company. Most Financial Auditing firms in Australia have not specialized with Superannuation. Since it is not a flooded business, there is a good market niche that the company will tap. When the company focuses on the needs of the clients before anything else, they will manage to the top lists of financial management advisory in the Australian Market. Finally, hiring young, skilled and talented youths is another awesome thing that makes Goldman Financial Advisory Solution a viable idea.


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