Global Society Discussion Essay Example

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I have learnt a lot with regard to the global society and the intricate details that make up social life from various angles. I have a deeper insight about the society and how people view different aspects in life. Globalization has the made the world smaller and reduced distance between places. Cross-culture understanding is pivotal in learning the true trends in the world. Communication and traveling has become more efficient and faster than before (Moahi, 2007). Various aspects in the global society influence one another either creating new systems or destabilizing existing systems to realize change. Education, culture, societal behavior and language influence how people interact from a global perspective. It is important to consider all this factors when studying aspects of a global society and their corresponding influence. Not country, village or part of the world can operate in isolation with the rest of the world (Moahi, 2007). There is a lot connectivity that forces human being from different global societies to interact.

The individual and society are very important as components of the global society. The interaction of the individual and society brings about the various aspects witnessed in the global world. Different disciplines have either collectively addressed society and the individual or focused on at a time while analyzed how each influence one another (Triandis, 2006). At the workplace I will appreciate the different backgrounds that people come from and how society has influence individual behavior. I want to be a good leader at the workplace by understanding people and their where they come from. I also want to be a better person in my society and influence people I came in conduct with positively considering what I have learnt in this course.


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