Global Health and the Environment Essay Example

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4Global Health and the Environment

Global Health and the Environment

Social, economic and political determinants of health impact upon environmental risk factors?

A great number of factors combine so as to affect the health of communities and individuals. Whether a person is sick or not it is highly determined by the environment and the circumstance (Kawachi & Kennedy, 2002). The factors that affect the health of an individual are referred to as the determinants of health. The social economic and political determinants of health have noteworthy impacts on the environmental risk factors. This is clearly evident in that a great number of children tend to be affected since they are growing, the children immune, nervous, digestive and reproductive systems are developing with time and since they have little control of the environment (Hertzman, 2000). As compared to adults the children may be unaware of the risks as well as they may not e in a position to make choices aimed at protecting their health. Another affect is that a person who tends to have stay and operate in a number of environments or domains , for example in family, friends, cools and community is likely to have a great influence in the people who he or she is interacting with on a daily basis. A good example of these is the people if a person is unemployed and have a job that is not secured they may suffers certain health issues as a result with a great number of them reporting cases of depression (Gouin, 2011). Another effect of the social, economic and political determinants of health on the environmental risks factors is that it may augment them it to high levels which will prove to be difficult to resolve in the future and if tackled huge costs will be incurred (WHO, 2016).

What are some of the key factors to consider when planning an emergency response to mitigate the health effects of a natural disaster?

In the event of a disaster, there are certain factors to consider when planning an emergency response so as to alleviate the health effects of the natural disaster (McElreath et al., 2014). These factors include; the size of the population that has been displaced. This helps to know the people affected and the number that needs attention and in this regard range emergency response is heightened until all the involved people are rescued. Another factor to consider is the characteristics of the displaced population (NFPA, 2010). By characteristic, it is crucial to look at the accessibility of the affected to health care services and the level of the population immunity to disease like cholera and measles among others. The condition of the population in terms of nutrition, the immediacy of the population to water and other essentials like latrines to prevent the outbreak and the spread of communicable diseases such as cholera. Key stakeholders involved in the process of mitigating the health effects of a natural disaster include, health officers, non governmental bodies (NGOs), government, the local community, volunteers among other stakeholders (Emergency Management Australia, 2003).


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