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Digital piracy

Film ‘piracy’ has been a major issue that has grown over past years. Many organizations, agencies, industries and institutions have termed Piracy as an ‘epidemic’. Piracy involves downloading sources without producer’s permission. Law enforcement groups says that piracy have grown rapidly over many decades. This growth has caused many damages to movie industry. Overall performance of many movie industries has been affected. There are low sales thus poor profits.

Why then does digital movie piracy occur? There are many forces that encourage movie piracy among many people. Pirated objects are sold at a cheaper price than original products. Customers can access films at a cheaper price thus satisfying their utilities. According to Saregema music industry, throwaway price have outnumbered original distribution of DVDs. Internet is becoming a major source of entertainment to many customers. Customers can be able to access new artist and easily download their songs/films. Pirated objects have less legal restriction and can be downloaded easily.

However, piracy has caused many damages among movie industries. Pirated movies are cheaper than original movies. Customers will shift their demand to pirated objects which is affordable. Original companies incur losses in their sales. Low sales reduce profitability of the industry. The government of USA has come up with various laws to cap piracy. It becomes difficult to track those being involved since piracy has ‘graduated’ to digital. Piracy is believed to have economical, social and technological effects globally. Reduce industrial profits leads to economical decline. Unemployment arises as many organizations cannot sustain their employees. American music recording industries incur high losses following decline of volume of sales. According to marketing executive (Mark Johnson) , more than five million unauthorized music are being downloaded every month. He says that profit and loss statements have been badly affected in two decades.

Music, video and games producing industries, fighting piracy have been a continuous battle. To protect rights of objects requires that industries use many approaches. Piracy is a crime because it damages creativity of the artist. It diverts money which ought to be earned by original writers. New websites have been created to help established the causes of piracy and to come with preventive measures. is a new website formed to establish the root causes of piracy and to come up with measures to combat it. Education is one major source of reducing piracy. Campaigns should be done to educate the public that piracy is a crime. People should be informed that using pirated content is prohibited. Many organizations have adopted advanced technological ways of combating piracy by introducing anti copying software.

Internet has promoted piracy in one way or another. Music and video websites allows customers to access films and song directly for a cheap price. This site allows sharing of files from one partner to another. Customer can copy films and shares them with their friends. Many websites do not hinder their clients from downloading certain files. They allow free downloading of music and films for their own business gain. This practice encourages piracy among many people.


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