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Global Connections Individual Assessment

  1. Business model of Etihad Airways is similar to that of Delta Airlines. This is shown in the diagram below.

Making reservations

Global Connections individual assessment - sara Global Connections individual assessment - sara  1Global Connections individual assessment - sara  2

Global Connections individual assessment - sara  3Global Connections individual assessment - sara  4Payments and pilots authentication Registration and confirmation

ilots, clients and travel agencies Verification process

Requesting the redeeming of air miles

Shopping online


Etihad Airways Systems, communication network

Signing up for vacation package

Global Connections individual assessment - sara  5Global Connections individual assessment - sara  6

Global Connections individual assessment - sara  7Global Connections individual assessment - sara  8

Confirmation of the flights schedules

Modifying reservations

Booking and confirmations

For the first transactions information flow, “make a reservation”, clients must register with Etihad Airways and book for a reservation. This involves consulting the relevant travel agency and paying for the reservation. Confirmation of the registration is done after Etihad Airways has received the payments.

For the second transaction information flow, “modify a reservation”, the clients are expected to confirm of the reservation and ensure that there are satisfied with it. The major actors involved in this include managers at Etihad, hoteliers and the clients.

For the third transaction information flow, “sign up for a vacation package”, the clients are expected to register for the vacation package and choose the vacation package that they are comfortable with. Etihad Airways confirms the vacation package.

For the fourth transaction information flow, “shop online by redeeming your miles”, the clients requests for this and the airline awards them depending on the miles travelled using the airline.

  1. Unification Business Operating Model for Etihad Airways is similar to that of Delta Airways as shown by the diagram below

Global Connections individual assessment - sara  9


  • Bus Type: single business with a global data process

  • Significant SOA implication: provides enterprise capabilities and business processes. Business impact in terms of one or all of improved quality, agility and reduced cost. Enterprise process, service and data standardization

  • SOA Value: maximum value from service orientation

  1. Etihad Airways falls in the Digital Master category. The company’s objectives and initiatives are measurable and this is attributed to the skilled team of management managing the firm. In addition, its practices and beliefs are passed from one generation of employees to the next through efforts put in place to achieve the company’s vision.

  2. A playbook is an organization whose decisions and practices not only affect the company but also influences industry under which the company falls under. The major components of a playbook managers include:

  • Highly skilled

  • Posses leadership skills

  • Good-decision makers


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