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Global Connection through Technology

Abu Dhabi School of Management

You have been appointed as a “Lead Digital Consultant” to Etihad Airways to help them become a Digital Master in digital-rich and competitive world.

  1. (10%) Sketch Etihad Airways Business Model as discussed in class. You must identify all the actors, resources, infrastructures, and at least four transactions informational flows. You may select transactions such as “make a reservation”, “modify a reservation”, “signup for a vacation package”, “shop on-line by redeeming your air miles”, etc.

Abu Dhabi School of ManagementAbu Dhabi School of Management 1

  1. (10%) Now, sketch Etihad Airways “Unification Business Operating Model”, which similar to Delta Airlines.

Abu Dhabi School of Management 2

  1. (10%) Using the diagram below, place Etihad on one of the below quadrants. You must choose one and only one quadrant. Your answer must assess Etihad’s Digital Capabilities and Leadership Capabilities as detailed in each quadrant.

Abu Dhabi School of Management 3

From the above diagram, Etihad Airlines can be considered digital masters. From the unification model, it is evident that there exists a strong and overreaching digital vision that us properly unified by good leadership. The operations and events in the company’s profile are integrated to meet the customer experience (Al-Ali & Ahmad, 2014). This is a showcase of a digital master at work. There is a good coordination in the flight operations such as the allocation of resources, preparing and loading flights, the departure of the flights, monitoring of the flight, the flight arrival and closeout, the unloading and cleaning and serving the flights (Al-Ali & Ahmad, 2014). All these activities have been digitized and can be considered to be many business initiatives that are generating value for the business. Furthermore, the ability to personalize the digital experience of customer experience through loyalty programs is an indication that the firm is a digital master.

  1. (10%) Depending on how you rated Etihad’s Leadership/Digital Capabilities on the chart above, outline the major components of a “Playbook” for the senior management to become a Digital Master. If you rated Etihad as a Digital Master, then you need to describe a “Playbook” to maintain this position

Leading in the digital world is an easy task. The challenge lies in maintaining the lead. As for Etihad airlines, they have done an admirable job in integrating their digital skills and tactics to acquire a digital master’s status (Al-Ali & Ahmad, 2014). However, a lot has to be done to ensure that the status quo does not change. To achieve this, the company should adopt a comprehensive training program that will continue to give the organization a lead in the digital world. Training the staff, employees and the flight crew on the benefits of adhering to the customers’ needs on a digital platform is essential to maintain the lead (Stephens Balakrishnan, Jayashree, & Michael, 2011). Besides, due to the constant changes in the digital world, ensuring that employees are trained will result in them keeping abreast with any technological changes. Also, acquiring the latest in the technology world will ensure that the company becomes a favorite among its competitors (Stephens Balakrishnan, Jayashree, & Michael, 2011). Technology in the airline industry can be used to distinguish and brand the company’s services as evidenced in fly Emirates. The company should strive to reach this goal by integrating new technology and customer feedback.


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