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2Etihad: Link with Global Technology


Etihad Airways: Link with Global Technology

A business model basically gives information on the approach in which an organization delivers quality service to its clients; persuade clients to pay for the quality service and gains profit from these payments (Orsterle, 2013).

Business Model: Etihad Airways





The key partners of Etihad company include Airberlin, Etihad airport services, Air Serbia, Air Seychelles, Alitalia and Jet Airways. The airline has adopted a collaborative strategy where together with its partners they have developed a code share partnership

The airline is a flag carrier of Abu Dhabi

Introduction of the codeshare has helped to increase opportunities for customer loyalty

Through this program customers can travel to any destination using other partners of Etihad. This has helped to increase Etihad’s market share

Etihad Airways introduced airport services as a new segment for the company which handles cargoes, caters for food and takes care of ground services


Through the Sabresonic passenger service system, customers;

-make reservations

-check in

-have baggage handled

-dispatch of aircraft


In order to provide quality services to its customers Etihad requires technological enhancement and quality performance from its employees

Etihad has so far invested in the social media and input various technological innovations such as Wi Fi and the use of software programs to manage its operations

The employee opinion survey shows that most employees are proud to work for Etihad Airwyas


The airway developed a Sabresonic passenger service system that combines a number of operations into one and has helped to streamline services


The expansion of the flight training centre has assisted in training of more pilots with additional offices in the building for pilots

Unification Business Operating Model: Etihad Airways

unification operating model encompasses a single business which possesses global processing standards and has global information access (Krogstie, 2012). The unification model integrates operations and the decision making process (Shapiro and Varian, 2013). It further standardizes data on customers and the products of the business and improves on the services shared. Unification involves an immense use of technology applications to run it (Demirkan and Delen, 2013).

Allocation of resources

Preparation of flights for departure

Loading of the aircraft

Departure of the flight and closing out

Flight monitoring

Arrival of flight and closing out

Unloading of aircraft

Cleaning and servicing of aircraft


Profile of events








Business Reflexes

Employee Relationship Management

Personalization Digitalization of relationships Customer loyalty programs

Sky links


Travel agency

Ticket counter


In flight

Global Connection through Technology 5Global Connection through Technology 4Global Connection through Technology 3Global Connection through Technology 2Global Connection through Technology 1Global Connection through Technology

Cellular phones

Reservation Systems

Personal Digital Assistants

Global Connection through Technology 6Global Connection through Technology 7

Global Connection through Technology 8

Etihad Airways: Digital Masters

Digital Capabilities

Etihad’s mission involves achieving excellence in technology through the creation of solutions that are innovative and ones that connect it to its partners, guests and add value to Abu Dhabi (Ulrichsen, 2014). Etihad Airways works with three of the world’s famous digital companies to provide quality technology. Cognizant and Adobe work with the company to provide innovative guest experiences through the digital platform. Sap and Sabre partner with Etihad to digitalize the corporate services and core airline services. Additionally, the infrastructure of the company’s information technology is managed by IBM.

The strategic programs by Etihad include a global loyalty program, an online digital platform and a contact centre that provides digitalized customer services. Furthermore, the major airline services have undergone an innovative process where revenue is optimized, disruption is managed, and common flight operations have instant solution. The strategies on the services additionally include a cargo management system and midfield terminal enablement. The approach towards infrastructure is inclusive of IT infrastructure management, IT security management and data centre consolidation (Hussein and Khatak, 2013).

Leadership Capabilities

Etihad Airways has a risk management strategy to take care of potential problems associated with growth. The approaches involve a people aligned strategy, a culture of performance and continuous sourcing for talent. The company sources for talented personnel then develops them which leads to an established engagement with the company and the result is excellent service delivery.

The vision of Etihad Airways is clearly shared by all stakeholders. There is an assortment of skills and experiences in the company which helps in constituting and evolving organizational culture. The company is focused towards being a leader in business technology with a competent team backing up its subsequent activities.

The leadership practices at Etihad include leadership in business which encompasses visionary management and a strategic approach towards operations of the company. The practice calls for conceptual and imaginative characteristics in the management of the organization. The management further builds relationships through creation of organizational awareness. Delivery of results is achieved through management and development of the Etihad Airways people team.

Etihad Airways Playbook


Integration as a Digital Master

Sales and Marketing

Etihad Airways has an e-commerce platform known as where customers can look up information on the company, book flights and other services.


Etihad has a contact centre that can be accessed from any point in the globe. The Sabresonic passenger services system has additionally helped in increasing the capability of the company to sell its products and services

The social media platform gives the customers an opportunity to give instant feedback to the company which in turn helps in enacting changes and development


The core operations of the company are serviced by Sabresonic and this technological platform makes management of the airline systems easier such as reservation processes and cargo management.

Human Resources

Apart from a management that comprehensively develops its employees, the company has taught its personnel the use of the Sabre customer service which ensures smooth transformation to the ‘big switch’. The company additionally sources for talented personnel then develops them to lead to efficient service delivery that is integrated with technology.

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