Global Business Experiences—Field Interview Essay Example

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Global Business Experiences

Global Business Experiences


Robert is an international businessperson having vast experience in the field of international business. It is because he has been working in the same field for seven years. He is working in a textile industry as a marketer where he travels to different countries marketing its products by persuading customers to buy the products. Robert has good personal relations, which he uses it as a tool when interacting with customers from different countries, races, and cultural beliefs. Since Robert id aiming to market the products to all customers without description, he has learned different ways of handling customers to satisfy their needs.

The interview was fruitful because Robert responded to all questions in a professional manner, which will enable me to make quality conclusions and recommendations. Global business has enabled Robert to gain more skills in the field of marketing because he is interacting with different customers and professionals globally. He is also exposed to many people from different geographical areas, which will help him to develop and expand personal relations knowledge and skills. Since Robert is selling its products in the global market, he has the opportunity of making more sales due to many customers. He has to employ efficient marketing methods for him to cover a wide market and increase the sales. The risk of the global business is the stiff competition from other industries offering the same products. It is because the industry produces textile products in large quantities, and if it is outweighed in the market due to stiff competition, it will lead to greater losses.

From an interview, I have learned that for one to be successful in the global marketing business, he/she should have good personal relations. It is because he/she will interact with many customers who need to be handled in a polite and satisfactory manner for them to be influenced to buy the products. In any business, there are opportunities and risks, which be recognized, utilized or rectified effectively. The marketer should be ready to travel widely for him/her to increase the sales. Since stiff competition is a greater risk in global business, the marketer and the industry as a whole should be ready to respond to any competition posed by other companies. Technology is an important factor in a global business, especially the marketing business. Technology will enable the company to market its products using the internet, and the products can be accessed all over the world in different locations. Technology is also important in terms communication between the marketer and the customer.