Gifted students Essay Example

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Author’s key findings and argument

Peterson, 2006, p43 says there is no attention given to students with high ability in the preparatory curriculum in regards to counseling and unique issues on emotional and social development and if present is very little. Gifted student appear above or below the normal school curve despite of their identification cutoff scores and actual achievement in academic. Gifted students are hard to accommodate within the usual heterogeneous classroom where test is used to measure student ability in some cases leading to grade failure. Hence, many school counselors do not understand the gifted students’ needs. School counselor like other educators without knowledge of complex nature of gifted students may have biases and attitudes that foster mistrust and hence un-recommendable work to the individuals. Although the media provides positive schools images and stereotypes regarding the gifted student intellectually; they do not offer information regarding the insufficiency of emotional and social concerns. Clinical research support that gifted students counseling require adjustment to accommodate their needs and abilities. Unfortunately, the needs of gifted student may remain unaddressed and unnoticed leading to the frustration of the student dropping out of school and indulging in promiscuous behavior in which case the student might be blacklisted as aberrations.

Qn2. How the article has broadened my thinking

I have realized that gifted students not only mean they are capable in academic but may as well be excellent performers in other field outside classroom p43. The abilities of such students might arise from asynchronous development, underachievement, career development, motivations, and deficits in attention, learning disabilities, cultural differences, gender differences, attributions and acceleration p44. Gifted student should be helped to perform well in academics and raise their self-esteem, decision making skills and life satisfaction.