George Washington Essay Example


  • Introduction

  • Early Life

  • Marriage

  • President of the United States of America


. Historians and scholars have rated his deep style of leadership and tenacious nature as one of the reasons that America was able to acquire freedom from its British Colonizers. Brookhiser 34) was the leading military chief of USA. He led the country from the year, 1775 to 1797 and commandeered the army to seek independence from the colonialist who wereBritish. He was recognized not only as the commander in chief but also as one of the leaders who assisted in crafting the new constitution. This led him to be chosen to serve as the first president of the great free country. His efforts in establishing a clear governance structure has been recognized, as the main framework still exist (George Washington

George Washington was born in 1732. He grew up in Westmoreland County, Virginia, where he spent most of his childhood. His father passed on when he was only eleven years old. This denied him the privilege of formal education. He later learned some skills in carpentry and survey. He grew to be over six feet, which was unique at the time.


Washington tied the knot in the year 1759. He got hitched to Martha Custis who was a widow at the time. At the time of the marriage, she already had two children from her former husband. Both Mr. and Mrs. Washington shared a house in Mt Vernon. At the time of his death, George did not have biological children from the marriage

Physically powerful, courageous, excited for battle and a natural organizer, young Washington rapidly rose to the rank of senior officer in the British. This followed a set of actions following his decisions that precipitated the French & Indian War. He was later chosen as the commander in Chief in the Continental Army, bearing in mind that he was experienced enough (Grizzard 90). During his tenure at the Continental army, he was able to expatriate the COLONIALIST OUT OF Boston. This was followed by defeat during the same year. He is credited as being a strong leader as he was able to keep the nation united even despite the wars that were ongoing at the time

President of the US

. His was gracious and modest enough to leave the seat of power to someone else as he assumed that if he assumed he would become dictatorial if he assumed the presidential role for a third time. This is also portrayed his magnanimous character. Radd 45) Washington was elected unopposed to seat of presidency in 1789. This was set to repeat itself in 1792 where he was again elected unopposed to the same seat. The first swearing in ceremony was held in the City of New York and the second swearing in ceremony was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is important to note that this was the capital city at the time (

During his watch, the first ten amendments of the constitutions were accepted. These amendments assure that the rights of American Citizens are always upheld

Washington passed away on December 14, 1799, at his residence, Mt. Vernon. It was after his death that the US Capital was relocated to the present location which is Washington D.C. This relocation was implemented as a way of remembering the first president of the great Nation