George Box famously said that: Essay Example

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Questions 4



Question 1

I agree with the statement “all models are wrong, but some are useful.” It is essential to demonstrate that every model is wrong because it aims at simplifying the reality while ignoring subsequent details. Certain models, in ‘hard’ sciences are only a little wrong because of ignoring issues such as fiction. In the context of social science, the models tend to ignore various issues (Singh, McKechnie, Braje, and Campbell, 2015). On the other hand, some models are useful because of their influence in facilitating explanation, prediction, and eventual understanding of the universe.

Question 2

Systems thinking prove to be effective and efficient in the management of the complex projects. One of the benefits of this approach is the provision of the conceptual bridge to the analytical tools regarding the management of the complex projects. The approach is also ideal in incorporate the competing shareholder views, as well as needs regarding management of the complex projects (Sheffield, Sankaran, and Haslett, 2012). Systems thinking incorporate new approaches towards handling complex projects and programs in the contemporary society, thus, efficiency in the management of such projects.

Question 3

In the course of managing a complex project, it is important to enhance one’s awareness of the diverse worldviews. The worldviews are essential in illustrating beliefs, which make sense of complex or chaotic situations. The worldviews demonstrate perceptions, experience, and learning in the development of realities, which are crucial in the management of the complex issues and project (Metcalfeand Sastrowardoyo, 2013). Additionally, the worldviews offer the expectation of the world and complex project, thus, platform for effective and efficient management of the complex programs and projects.

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