Geohazards and safety in petroleum drilling Essay Example


Geohazards are basically the risks that result from the landslide or rather a tsunami. The drilling of petroleum products can result in the occurrence of hazardous activities. Geohazards can cause serious harm to humanity and environment at large. In petroleum drilling, safety precautions must be undertaken in order to avoid jeopardy of human and animal life as well. It is associated with the following geohazards; earthquakes, landslides and rock fall.


It’s the shaking of the earth which occurs due to great force released by energy from the internal part of the earth. Earthquake cause mass destruction of physical features on the earth surface. Petroleum drilling can cause earthquake due to heavy machinery that are used during such operations. This can be avoided by the thorough investigation of the drilling areas and used less force-generating machines.


This is a form of mass wasting that includes a severe movement of the earth. There are different forms of landslides, that is, the submarine landslide which occurs beneath water, coastal landslide and offshore landslide. Landslides are caused by unstable slopes, pressure from groundwater. In petroleum drilling, pressure from the underground cause landslide in oil mining areas. This is dangerous for human life especially workers in the mining area.

Rock fall

It’s falling of rocks freely from hilly places or cliff. It can also occur on the walls of mining areas. Rocks can fall and roll in the directions of people who are working in the mining places. This can be avoided by making sure that there are no hanging rocks within drilling zones


Drilling of petroleum is a very important economic activity that lay down the cornerstone of the nation’s economy. To make this efficient and profitable then it must consider the above geohazards and work on them in order to avoid endangering human life.