Genuine temporary entrant statement

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Genuine temporary entrant statement

I (Name), request an extension of my student visa so that I can be able to remain in Australia for a longer period. In other words, my current student visa is expiring in September 2016, and I would like to request for the renewal of the same to enable me continue with my studies. I have been studying in Australia since 2012 and for this period, I have successfully completed my foundation program at Taylor’s college. My desire was to join the University of Sydney and since it is a requirement that one undertakes a foundation program, I had to join Taylor’s college first and obtained high marks that qualified me to join the University. At the time when I completed my foundation classes, my student visa was still active and so I joined the University of Sydney. Since then, I have already completed four (4) semester and got 2 left to finish my course. However, my student visa will be expiring in September 2016 and would kindly request for renewal to enable me complete the 2 semesters left.

I need one additional year for me to be able to complete my two remaining semesters. My parents support me in this application and are aware of my intention to stay in Australia and complete my studies. For the whole of my education, I am being sponsored by my dad and he is aware and ready to continue sponsoring me for the remaining period. I am a law abiding person and since the tine I entered in Australia, I have never had any police case nor involved myself in unlawful businesses within the country. As I have done in the past, I assure you that I will comply with all the laws of the country, including migration laws. After my request to extent my student visa is granted, I will work hard to ensure that I complete everything within the extended period. In case I consider working here in Australia, I will consider it and would be happy to still get a job from here and assist ion the economic growth of the country (Commonwealth of Australia 2016).

Undertaking a bachelor’s course in Australia has been one of the most marketable courses in my home county, and that is why I prefer studying here, rather than studying in my home country. Also, the University of Sydney has been one of my favorite universities since I was young, and so studying here, I can consider it as a dream come true (Commonwealth of Australia 2016).

I believe that my intention to stay in Australia is genuine as it’s mainly on completing my studies. Please contact me in case any further documentation is required. My mobile number is xxxxx. I will ensure that I do not overstay in the country illegally beyond the stated date, should my request be granted. I wish to also provide the contact details of my dad for more confirmation, if need be.

Please find attached some of the necessary documents for my renewal including my previous Visa applications, for your perusal.

Thank you


Commonwealth of Australia 2016, Direction number 69 – assessing the genuine temporary entrant criterion for student visa and student guardian visa applications (section 499), Available from: