Genetics, Evolution and Biodiversity Essay Example

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Genetics, Evolution and Biodiversity

The following are responses to the quiz in Genetics, evolution and diversity, pre-lab 3 assessments.

1. Mark the correct response from the following:

d. The incorporation of fluorescent nucleotides enables Sanger sequencing to work out a DNA sequence by the excitation of dyes that are activated by different wavelengths of light

2. Mark the incorrect statement from the following:

b. Agarose gel electrophoresis enables separation of DNA fragments via an electric current as DNA is positively charged

3. Pick out the incorrect statement from the following:

d. A Sanger sequence reaction doesn’t involve a PCR

4. The photo was taken by a student during the vertebrate phylogeny practical for this topic. Mark the response which best describes this image:

b. A restriction digest of total DNA plus a DNA ladder

5. Mark the incorrect response of the following statements:

e. Lower Agarose concentration improves the resolution for small DNA strand