Genetically modified foods Essay Example


Genetically modified foods have been having a positive impact in the society through increasing the level of food security in the world. Therefore, I would recommend that:

All foods with traces of genes that have been engineered should be labeled. Currently, there are two schools of thought. One is supporting the use and consumption of the foods while the other is opposing. The group supporting should be given an opportunity to use the foods. This would eradicate the notion that government is forcing people to consume the food.

Some genetically modified foods have benefits to human body. As a result, they should be closely scrutinized and cleared to be consumed by human beings. Nevertheless, researchers should focus more on eliminating the harmful traces in GMO in order to make them fit for human consumption.

The relevant authorities should take control of genetically modified crops. Poor regulations on the technologies used in making GMO’s have led to over-manipulation of genes by the scientists. Therefore, government should intervene to regulate the production of GMO’s as a way of cushioning people against exploitation by businesspeople.

Many of the risks associated with genetically modified foods have not been proven scientifically. As a result, proper classifications of foods should be done in order to differentiate foods with harmful factors which tarnish the reputation of the rest.