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Infection Prevention Learning Objectives for the Clinical Placement


I have two main learning objectives for the coming clinical placement. The first objective is to be able to monitor when an infection occurs in the hospital and be able to control it effectively. The Second objective is to be able to identify risks of exposure to pathogens and effectively correct infection prevention practices.

To achieve the first objective, I intend to use the patient records to be able to identify when a hospital-acquired infection has occurred. The laboratory will also be useful for identification of the causative organism and its susceptibility. I intend to use the hospital guidelines on surveillance and monitoring infections.

For the second objective, I need to access the patient point of care areas to be able to identify the risks to exposure of pathogens. To correct the infection prevention practices, I need to participate in a Continuous Medical Education (CME) with the staff, patients or relatives involved.

To maximize learning, I will have to have a theoretical basis in regard to the above objectives. I will review the outbreak surveillance and management protocol. I will also review the infection control practices to be able to share knowledge and minimize risks of exposure to pathogen.

Additionally, I intend to keep time during my placement and to collaborate with other infection control specialists who are skilled in the areas similar to my learning objectives. I intend to collaborate with other students and staff to make maximize use of the learning experience.