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  1. Carah and Louw argue that «by becoming a manager of audience participation, journalism obscures the power relationships it once might have exposed or scrutinised». How is this seen in their description of ‘Operation Bounce Back’?  

It is pictured in where a joint initiative between the government of Queensland and seven to bring together trades people with skills to assist with recovery during floods existed p.138. During this period, the journalism communicated on the need of oneness. They acted as communication framework modulators and amplifiers to the audience. They did design and communicate on the availability of the created website that could get all people willing to assist in any little way p142. The media also reaffirmed that the operation was quite legally coordinated by the government so as to instill reassurance of its credibility despite the fact that the government had not chipped to assist. As a matter of fact, they got attention for those who could help in any little way and those who were in trouble gained hope of being helped fast. Subsequently the government came in to put in the required resources.