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GE Case Study

  1. Peter High suggests the role of Business Information Officers to liaise between business and IT. Imagine you have been appointed to such a role at the University. Give examples of the type of IT enabled strategies that you recommend.

    1. Effective sharing and collaborating of information among the stakeholders (such as learners, instructors and management) within the learning institution through the use of university website and other digital platforms within the University

    2. Enabling the online library and resources to be utilized without the requirement of been situated at the university. It enables the users of the resources to continue utilizing the resources at different locations e.g. at home and at the learning institution

    3. Capitalizing on IT to streamline the communication process, store communication correspondence, reply to the communication, and address other requirements of the information

    4. The IT is used to analyze the different data since the design of the IT system enables integration of different data and information resulting in effective decisions premised on data analysis

  2. Give an example of how IT strategy can address both business and technology opportunities for the functional areas of sales, marketing, HR, operations and legal.

    1. In sales, the records of orders and supply can be stored electronically. The customer can make an order and the sales agents input the order requests into the system, and other financial transactions are completed.

    2. In marketing, communication and advertising campaigns such the use of social media in engagement with the customers

    3. In HR, the details of the employees are stored including salaries, wages, personal information, taxation data and other details relevant to the employees

    4. In operations, the IT systems can be aligned to improve the production process through assigning resources appropriately.

    5. In legal perspectives, information regarding the legal situations of the employees and other departments can be stored or shared. In addition, IT systems enable filling the appropriate documentation such as annual financial data to the targeted legislative bodies

  3. What does GE mean by their new slogan: “The digital company? That’s also an industrial company.”

    1. The company collects information from the sensors installed in industrial equipment such as engines, and is able to utilize the information to make strategic decisions

    2. Incorporating Internet technology is improving industrial requirements

    3. The company usually deals with engines and the company has extensive experiences with engines. The company is changing to the creation of software that integrates the requirements of industrial operations with general operations e.g. maintenance, preventing challenges such as downtown, and addressing operational costs.

    4. The future of any establishment is the effectiveness of the use of technology and information is in the form of data. Thus, the core processes of GE is physical components and introducing and advancing the digital component ensures sustainability of business operations and profitability.

  4. Explain how GE is undergoing a digital transformation based on its Oil and Gas Division using a cloud-based solution called Predix.

    1. Provision of new services to address the complexity of the oil and gas industry. For example, the oil and gas industry operate in areas prone to waterways, seismic activity, and washouts. These risks can be addressed through the use of Predix because it is possible to visualize thousands of miles and determine the potential risks. These visualizations are possible through harsh terrains and decisions made from “safer” environments such as air-conditioned offices.

    2. In the oil and gas industry, thousands of data are generated ranging from oil and gas reserves to delivery requirements. The Predix platform enables integration of these data, which enables creation and customization of risk management and mitigation strategies. It is possible to create hypothetical situations, and data simulation would propose appropriate mitigation strategy. The integrated platform also has numerous features including the risk assessment that enables the user to analyze threats resulting in the development of mitigation strategies.

    3. Oil and gas industry raises both benefits and consequences to the socio-environment. The oil and gas supports socioeconomic requirements but these products are dangerous to the environment, and issues associated with public and regulatory agencies concerns can be raised. The different regulatory requirements such as documentation, processes, data management and risks can be improved through the use of the system. It means it makes the path towards safety and compliance management easier and efficient.

  5. What is the value proposition for GE’s clients to adopt the Predix solution?

    1. Reduction of maintenance costs (improve machine efficiency) since the GE’s clients can collect real-time information to enable effective scheduling.

    2. Reduction in fuel costs of up to $7 million annually per airline engine and the lifeline of the engine. It is attributed to understanding the conditions the GE resources are utilized and analyzing the data enables identification of areas requiring adjustments.

    3. Reduced or manageable downtown because of predictability of complexities through the effectiveness of data analytics. Effective implementation of Predix solution enables predetermining problems because the users of the technology are able to create different hypothetical situations and utilize the software to propose solution or mitigation measures


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