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Game Report 2

November 2015

Table of Contents


Kinds of feedback 3

4Positive and negative Loops



Feedback entails the positive and negative information relayed to the game player during gaming. This information is usually audio or positive. The process of delaying information depends on the input of game player. The following diagram shows input and output of a game player where the output is a feedback.

game report 2

Kinds of feedback

There are two types of feedback which a game player experience and they are Explicit and Implicit feedback. Explicit feedback is usually audio and visual as well as very clear. It informs the user the actions to be taken or the reaction is supposed to take during game playing. It informs the player what is doing. An example of explicit feedback is a shooting weapon in a game of shooting. Implicit feedback is also audio and visual but it is usually at the background of the game and not very clear. Implicit feedback can create confusion to the game player since it not clear. Examples of implicit information are a sign post and a path.

Visual feedback – this is a feedback which is explicit and shows the reaction to the actions taken by game player. It should be noted that visual feedback being a result of actions taken by the game player it is usually creative and unobtrusive and always accompanied by audio feedback.

Audio feedback- this is sound like feedback and it is very important as it creates tension, happiness, sadness and positive or negative feelings in a game player. It is the second most important feedback.

Action feedback-this is a feedback due to the game player action and it will generate a reaction on part of the game.

Emotional feedback-this is a feedback that creates emotional reactions from a game player such as you have won. It may cause the game player have happiness or sadness, cry or laugh. It is a critical feedback as it creates a relationship between a game player and the game.

Positive and negative Loops

The game players needs a timely feedbacks to for responses and amend any skills not well articulated that serve as impediments for realizing the objectives. the game ensures that feedback reaches the game player in a timely to serve as one of the determinants of the player’s effectiveness because through it, he can make timely adjustments and decisions.

We have two types of loops which are positive and negative. Where positive is a feedback where a game player action is reinforced by allowing him increase skills for playing the game. Positive feedback is where the game player is rewarded maybe by incremental of challenges to be solved by the game player. The game may have levels once the game player wins a certain level is congratulated and awarded a new level as a reward. The best example is the game of bricks where one wins a certain level and a new bricks are provided for him to win. A negative feedback loop is where the player fails to win tend is stoped from continue with the game and is given time to learn from the mistakes. A demo can be played for the game payer to see how the game is played.


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