Friendship and close relationship at work

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Friendship and close relationship at work

Human beings are complicated, and that causes challenges such as improving individual’s skills, managing employees with different traits, and improving the organization’s productivity and quality. Relationship and Friendship are important for organizational behavior, and it is a necessary component of behavior study. Friendship among employees has much influence on the behavior of employees. Workplace friendships enable trust among employees, increases resources, and information sharing and create a healthy environment in an organization. These factors lead to high job commitment and satisfaction, less employee turnover, attract talents, and the team’s productivity is improved at large.

There are several challenges in an organization’s friendship such as lack of mutual interests which may cause conflicts. However, under the right control, policies and training, such negative effects can be avoided. An organization that lacks pioneering and supportive environments result in adverse outcomes e.g. depression, neurotics, and nervousness. The relationship between senior managers and low-level workers is impaired because only limited resources are shareable.

Allocating tasks to different groups in an efficient manner allow employees in different backgrounds to share information and work together. When employees work towards the same goals, they create mutual trust, and managers are required to set openness to their subordinates and training for new leaders on how to develop friendships in the workplace. There are different employee relationships; expressive and instrumental. An expressive relationship is a non-work interaction, and the main benefit is to exchange resources. An instrumental relationship is work related, and it also involves the exchange of resources. Both relations are essential for building friendships in a workplace.

Friendships at work benefit organizations and employees but it is recommended that the friendship should be under appropriate policies and guidelines required to prevent inappropriate issues from taking place. The form and nature of friendships in a workplace are relevant, and proper training is required to monitor and control friendships at work. Friendships and relations at work allow the development of a supportive work climate which improves the productivity of an organization.