Fremantle Ports Essay Example

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Fremantle Ports: Goals, Objectives and Target Public

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16/05/ 2011

Fremantle Ports

Goals and Objectives

  • Obtain the acceptance from the community and target public and

  • Provide beneficial projects to the target public and other interest groups.


  • Provide safety and security services such as emergency response, waste disposal mechanisms

  • Provide information and advice related to port and maritime services and projects

  • Establish infrastructure within the port

  • Plan and coordinate port activities

  • Increase awareness on how the projects will transform Fremantle Ports and Western Australia

  • To increase awareness on Fremantle projects and services

  • To increase the number of target public within a short period of time

  • Target public becomes more aware about the facts in relation to the project

Process Objectives

  • Transparency and honesty about the projects to the members of public

  • Continually assess and update information about projects’ development through the organization’s media such as the website

  • To give out over 20,000 copies of fact sheets to target public, audiences and other interest groups

Target Group

Primary Public

  • Surrounding communities of Fremantle and its suburbs

  • Department of Health

  • Department of Environment

  • Department of Environmental Conservation

  • Institutions surrounding Fremantle

  • Interest groups

Secondary Public

  • Western Australian Government

  • Commonwealth Government

  • Federal, State and Local governmental agencies

  • Department of Water

  • Department of Heritage and Tourism

  • Department of Transportation

Moderating Public

  • Employees of Fremantle

  • Employees of Government Departments and local agencies

  • Auditors of Fremantle and Government Departments

  • Among other private and public organizations