FPP Assignment 3 Teamwork Reflection Essay Example

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Group Reflection

The Borton Framework of reflection focuses on the activity by answering three key questions which are: what, so what, and now what (Japser 73). The group activity involved individual research on the topic and group members were allocated parts or questions to complete so that we could discuss and compile the parts. I was assigned two questions which are: What are the goals/objectives of collaboration in your industry (why do people work together) and what are the consequences of poor collaboration in this industry? As a group, we had a challenge during decision making relating to the best way to work as a group. We had a hard time deciding on whether to conduct the research as a group or to conduct individual research and then compile our findings as a group. We finally settled on solo research and group discussions to allow us compile our findings. I personally conducted research online and read similar studies and relevant materials so as to answer my part and gain information on the topic in general for purposes of the group discussion. We had a very easy time discussing and compiling or findings. Based on the success of our group which was achieved through a team effort whereby members were allocated responsibilities or parts towards a common objective, I have learned the importance and effectiveness of collaboration. The support we gave one another as team members was very important in completing the activity. Based on my experience with the group, I need to be more open to team work because there is a lot of support from members and results are guaranteed. Being a member of the group has made me appreciate the diversity of the group setting and the benefits of being a team player. To improve on our decision making as a group, we need to appreciate our diversity in terms of the varying opinions and use it to make better decisions. Personally, the group experience has made me appreciate the benefits of collaborating towards a common effort in an organization and I have resolved to engage in professional collaboration in future.

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