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Reflection on Industry Analysis

Figure 1 shows how to do a reflection of an industry analysis using the Bortons’ Framework (Digital Dilemmas 2016).


Figure 1 The Bortons’ (1970) Reflection Framework –Source Digital Dilemmas 2016

I would like to work in the banking sector because it acts as the pillar of the economic development that regulates all the other aspects of the economy. Notably, the banking industry is the financial life of any economy since the banks facilitate the necessary activities that are carried out during the exchange, distribution, and production. Additionally, banks are the custodians and distributors of the liquid capital for the manufacturing and commercial industries. Most importantly, banks operate as the savings, deposits, and exchange centers for the clients’ money. I took a bachelor’s degree that deals with financial management so that I can have an opportunity to help the community in the roles played by the banking sector.

As a finance manager, I understand that one needs to have a high regard for the moral values and according to the set principles of the bank. Additionally, I have to abide by the financial ethic of the conduct of professionals as stipulated in the laws and rules. Evidently, it is the financial managers that are expected to safeguard the financial records as well as the financial statements of the banking institutions. Apparently, to qualify for the position one requires to have the following qualifications; a minimum degree of financial knowledge about financial statement interpretations and preparations. Undertake a professional course in the economic field and uphold the code of ethics in the financial sector.

Now What?

Apparently, from my reflection, I qualify to work as a financial manager in a bank. I have undertaken the educational requirements such as am currently studying my degree in financial management and volunteered in different positions for the same knowledge. I firmly understand the code of ethics that are required to work in the bank, and I have strong analytic skills that will enable me to make accurate decisions whenever am required to decide in whichever matter at work.

Cover Letter

HuanYu Wu

P.O BOX 40



I am a senior student in Mahara University, majoring in financial management with the concentration being in the banking sector. My classes at school have given me an understanding of work and the importance of the banking sector in the economy. Additionally, apart from the academic know-how, I have gained other practical experience through community volunteering activities and the previous employment positions. I have had a chance to work in different companies which have enabled me to have the appropriate knowledge that will allow me to make the substantial contribution to the banking sector.

Most importantly, I have a lot of passion about financial wellbeing of our country and the active connections of the banks to the general economy. As a student am a member of the commercial club in schools where we look into the different aspects of financial issues within the society. I am entering my final year in Bachelor degrees and am a senior mentor. With a passion for finance and banking sector, I am always seeking any appropriate networking opportunities and work experiences that will boost my career to the next level.

I have always appreciated with people who think that my previous work experience is beneficial and also look forward to incorporating me into their team so that we can work together for the benefit of the company.

I am available to take any interview and to start working immediately. My previous employers are best references.

Below is a copy of my resume plan.

Look forward to being contacted by you.

Yours sincerely

HuanYu Wu

Resume Plan

HuanYu Wu

Email address: [email protected]

Contact no:

Career objective

I am seeking any responsible post that can give me a growing opportunity in any reputable bank. I need to utilize my skills and at the same time gain more skills that will help me to push my career in the banking sector.

Career summary

  • A unique and innovative thinker with excellent skills of about two years in the banking sector.

  • Excellent capability of organizing the operations that take place within the bank.

  • In-depth knowledge of the job specifications and therefore able to supervise each department

  • Expertise in the provision of the best solution within a banking organization which will give it a new direction of development.

  • Proficiency in the programs executions even in the limited resources.

Personal qualities

  • Remarkable patience with responsibility and reliability

  • The ability to form robust and healthy bonds with co-workers

  • Possession of excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Exceptional leadership and motivational skills

  • Good analytical and observational skills

Computer Skills

  • Operating systems: Windows, Linux, & XP

  • MS Office

  • Internet

Key Responsibilities Held

  • Ensure satisfaction of the clients

  • Make work plans so as to enable a smooth flow of work

  • Manage the plan and the new schemes that are introduced within the banks

  • Supervise all the departments accordingly.

  • Prepare plans for receiving interests and also giving loans to the various organizations.

  • Reviewing of files by Post Approval Documentation

  • Resolving the discrepancies by ensuring coordination of credit and sales people

  • Tracking and controlling the movement of funds and application of these funds towards the loans.

  • Timely presentations of cleared cheques

  • Efficient management of queries that are brought about by consumer service executives

  • Tele-banking executive when the senior officer is absent.

  • General Receipt Accounts and Dummy Disbursement reconciliations.

Educational Background

  • Bachelor’s Degree

  • Professional training

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Volunteering for 16 hours with the Soldier On organization

  • Participating in other social functions such as the public seminars

Personal Details

Languages known:


Five-year Plan

Completion of my degree and professional studies

Currently, I am undertaking a degree and at the same time another professional course to boost my knowledge in the financial sector. In the next two years am looking forward to completing these studies so that I can acquire all the academic knowledge that I require for this job. I am alternating the studies so that I can finish timely. I take part-time studies for my degree during the day, and at night I do part-time studies for the professional course. Additionally, during the day I have a part-time job in a financial company where I work for three hours. In school, I am majoring in banking so that I can know how the banks operate.

Acquire a job in a bank as a financial manager

Definitely, this is a position that I have been preparing for, and therefore when I get the opportunity, I will give it the best. I am looking forward to working with the biggest banks in Australia so that I can have a chance to contribute to the economic development of the country. Notably, the bigger the bank, the larger the population that it serves. I want to participate in serving as many people as possible so that I can witness the change in the lives of the citizens. I value the community, education, and family institutions, and believe that there are always ways to make their lives better through the financial sector. For instance, in giving affordable loans, people will take the loans and start businesses that will, in turn, help them in achieving a satisfactory and sustainable life. In the financial manager position, I will have a chance to observe the operations of my junior staff and in way advise them about what and how to deal with some activities such as accounting for cash flows. Finally, as the financial manager, I will be able to interact with other financial professionals from diverse capacities and institutions.

Serve within the banking system that will hire me for the longest period

I believe that the systems that will select me will have some shared values with me such as multitasking ability, motivation to perform and learn, ready to accept challenges, and customer orientation skills. As a result, I know that we will cooperate in ensuring that I learn and at the same time give the company the expected output. Consequently, the bank will want me to take the skills and values to a senior level and therefore allow me to work in their institutions for the longest period possible. I believe that when I give my employer and work my best, I will have a chance to gain more and at the same time boost the economic growth of that bank towards the right direction. In short, I look forward to maintaining my employment within a particular company for more than five years.

Boost my experience in the financial sector so that I can get a senior position

Apparently, I will work hard when I get the job so as to ensure that I gain the best skills in financial management. I will network with different people in the commerce world to make sure that I learn each aspect that is beneficial to my career. My vision is not to settle for the financial manager forever but to advance until I become the CEO in a particular bank. As a result, I will work hard to ensure that each day I learn something that uplifts my skills so that in future I can get a better position. Finally, I will attend public seminars and other platforms that are open for people who want to learn more in the financial sector.

Enroll for a master’s degree in financial management

Notably, in the dynamic global environment, the role of financial professionals in the business is becoming of paramount importance. Additionally, there is also a high concern and competition in the labor market. As a result, I need to continuously learn how to make the appropriate financing and investment for not only securing a new position but also maintaining the financial manager one. Apparently, the banking and other financial institutions need a person who can push their firm towards monetary success. Therefore, I need to recognize the inherent risk of making a decision and adequately hedge against any uncertainty in the capital markets that are highly integrated. In short, I will constantly study so as to ensure continued upgrade of my skills.

Feel free to contact me through my email address: [email protected]


DPL, D. 2016. Reflective model and method choosing. [online] Digital Dilemmas. Available at: [Accessed 2 Jul. 2017].