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Food security has been a global issue which occurs when there is an adequate supply of food to all individuals depending on its nutritious value. The food offered is supposed to be safe and meet the overall dietary needs resulting in healthy lives among people.

Among the issues being done to address food security is embracing new technology so as to transfer knowledge and skills, which can be used in farming and production of different types of food. New technology has enabled more farmers to acquire adequate information that can help them in their farming processes. Hence, new types of food crops can be identified through the use of new and evolving technology (Headey & Ecker, 2013). Another issue addressing food security is the creation of more career programs in agriculture to young individuals. The introduction of more career programs in the agricultural sector has enabled adequate food supply and production. Young people are always considered to be active and full of ideas that can be used to curb the issue concerning food security.

Globalization has an impact on food security since it forces farmers to shift and work on long-term sustainability, instead of focusing their energy on crops that offer higher productivity. Crops that provide higher productivity are associated with the use of synthetic fertilizers which at times comes in the form of toxic pesticides. The synthetic fertilizers and toxic pesticide end up killing the little micro-organism living in the soil, which could have helped in the framing processes. The issue of food security would have been differently addressed if we were not facing globalization in our society (Wheeler & Von Braun, 2013). The problem of Food security would be nonexistent if we were not faced by globalization since many storage methods are affected that can cause food shortage. The climatic change caused by globalization ends up causing drought and floods, which result in food shortage globally.


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