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Response to “Billbоаrd Аdvеrtising»

Response to “Billbоаrd Аdvеrtising»

The materials provided by the author of the post are correct, and this response wishes to agree with the writer. Firstly, it is clear that the Ikea advertising through the billboard in the France capital Paris has enhanced not only the positive reputation of the company’s brand but more so its creativity in the marketing circles. Notably, it must be noted that the advertising industry has become more competitive, and enterprises and businesses are introducing innovative ways of reaching to the existing and potential customers (Jobber 2016).

As is the case with Ikea, the objective of any advertising initiative is to promote products, distribution, pricing, and branding (Billboard advertising for know-it-alls, 2008). Admittedly, it is true that Ikea has not only come out to be creative in the content of communication but also regarding the use of available and limited space. The objective is the illustrate how it is possible to use the space available including time constructively to deliver message home to the intended customers and the entire public.

As noted above, among other objectives, the main aim of the billboard is to enhance a company’s image. Based on the creativity and innovative aspects of Ikea billboard, it is clear that the company has been able to strengthen its existence in the market thus reaching more customers. For example, the location, message content, and the size of the billboard have made it possible to be noticed by as many individuals as possible. Accordingly, Shimp (2010) notes that business people need to realize that it is only through doing things differently that they can differentiate themselves from their competitors, as is the case with Ikea. Finally, with increased technological advancement, the Ikea’s billboard can be integrated on the Wanelo, which can enhance the company’s ability to reach many potential customers.


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