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Quick Response Event Securities

Home page

Distinct features of the company

There is a growing high demand for security during individual private events or organizational events in the country today. Quick Response Event Securities (QRES) is the first events security firm in the history of United States to be established on an E-Business platform, to offer such security needs. Unlike other security firms, QRES personnel is fully equipped with First Aid skills and fully loaded kits, just in the event of any casual accidents. The company has been formed to address the high demand of security services in the country.

Unique selling proposition

The company has one of the best customer-friendly and cost effective Unique Selling Propositions. Quick Response Event Securities offers quality security services at minimal cost. The company also responds to security issues in a timely manner. The company operates at the convenience of the client since all the bidding and transactions are done online.

General Idea

The company will initially provide security services in the major cities in USA, after which it will extend these services to the smaller cities and towns. It has 15 well trained security personnel on all aspects of security. The Company provides all the security service equipments required as per the event. Since the company is a start-up with only a maximum of 15 guards, it will serve small scale events.

Target Market

This company targets businesses as well as governments because of public events such as public holidays, sports among others. Individuals holding events such as fund-raisers can also seek the company’s services.

Our Services

  • The company offers frisking services that is done to the participants or invitees at the entrance to the event venue

  • Vehicle screening services is also done at the entrance gate to ensure they are not carrying lethal stuff

  • The security personnel directs vehicles to the parking lot and ensures orderliness there

  • The security guards ensure that people are orderly and give appropriate directions to needy situations.

  • In the event of mild accidents, the security guards are equipped with complete first aid kits to attend to casualties.

Terms and Conditions

  • Clients must bid for the security services online through the company’s website which outlines the costing criteria.

  • An Agreement to the terms’ form available on the Company’s website must be duly filled

  • The bids should indicate the exact number of security personnel needed, for how many hours and the exact location of the event

  • The company will send an invoice online within a timeline not exceeding 12 hours after the bid was made.

  • Payments are strictly made in wholesome via the company’s website before the services are offered.

  • The bid should be made at least 24 hours before the actual day of the event.


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