Financial Modelling Essay Example

The flospa limited


Flospa limited is a new business enterprise registered under the Australian corporation act with its head office situated in Melbourne. The company aims at focusing in property management and real estate business due to high demand in real estate accompanied by scarce corporation that major in this sector.The enterprise is a made up that anticipate to open its business operation across Australia.

  1. Background

Real estate has been increasing in recent years due to improved economy. However, there have been scarce or inadequate companies to finance and invest in real estate (REDDI, 2009). this is deem as a wide opportunity for the business to invest in since, in making a financial projection in order to ascertain growth in real estate, it can be concluded that the business is going to realize huge profit in the near future from this investment

  1. Business profile

Flospa limited is corporation that supplies a high quality real estate product to its client. The company does not have competitors within 50 miles of its business operation hence making the business as the sole provider of real estate properties within the surrounding (Malehorn, 2005).

  1. Competitive advantage

The company provides a high quality real estate product that meets the customer preference at an affordable selling prices as well as high customer relation with our client. This is due to the fact that there is more locally available resource for construction. The company offer home delivery supply to movable property thus the business is just a phone call away from you.

  1. Business viability

The business is a viable investment option since, there is few competitors as well as the projection in real estate investment depicts a growth in the sector thus the business venture is viable for investment since, shareholders will be guaranteed investment inform of profit.