Film script Essay Example

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JANNA, stands on the stairs looking rugged and unkept. She holds an envelop in her hands. She starts to walk down the stairs but halts at the third stair. She looks up the distant horizon, leans on the stair rails. She caresses a long strand of hair, looking unsure and distracted.

(Clearing her throat)

You still here Janna? I thought you already left?


I do not have the courage to… (tears welling in her eyes) what for Monica?


Come here, (hugs her) this shall pass, you will see. Be strong


Thank you

Please drop the application, you never know! You need to be strong for JAYSON

(Looking determined)

I know! My son needs me. I will go ahead

Janna wipes the tears from her face and walks down the stairs and walks down the path



Jason, a young boy around 6 years rolls up in bed. Falls back asleep. MONICA, a tall African American lady in her late 30s enters the room in quick strides. She hits something on the floor, bends and picks a toy car. She sits on Jason’s bed and covers him with the worn-out duvet on the bed.

(Speaking to herself)

Why men have to be this inhuman I will never understand. Sleep on little boy, life goes on…(sounding distant)…life goes on.

She starts to tidy the room, folding clothes here, throwing toys in a box there, sorting clothes on a bed. She picks a laundry basket and places it on the bed and sits down.


ROBERT, a medium-built 45-year-old man sits in his office chair behind a large mahogany table. The table looks neat with files and books well arranged. The medium office looks pretty much well maintained with all things in their place. He is busy writing something on a journal when a knock interrupts him

(Looking up)

Yes, come in

MARK, a tall, slender young man enters holding some papers in his hands. He looks smart and sharp. He walks towards Robert’s table


Please sit…I need to talk to you about something


Yes sir, what is it

There has been a lot of work that needs my attention lately. I need to hire a PA. How to get a trustworthy and reliable person is my concern

I believe you can get someone from the company. We have qualified people here.


Qualification might not be my priority…I need someone I can trust, someone good with people. That…that may not be easy to find.

But I still feel we can get someone from the store, just look around sir

Hmm…Let me sleep over it. Let’s go over what brought you here. Have all deliveries for the day been made?



Normal activity go in the store. People come in while others leave with their shopping. Employees carry trolleys full of items in the store from a lorry packed near the entrance. DRAKE, a stout man in his mid-30s holds a file in his hands as he supervises them. He seems agitated or angry. He keeps scribbling something on his files as he paces up and down.


Finish up here fast, there is a lot of work to be done. All those things need to be labelled and arranged today.

He takes long, careless strides towards the entrance. He looks behind and continues walking, bumps into a woman leaving the store. He looks at her distraught, does not apologize and walks on.

(In disgust)

Use your eyes mister…damn!