Fieldwork-Weekly reflection Essay Example

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Weekly Journal: Week 5

Weekly Journal: Week 5

Describe something you have learned this week

This week I learned about community participation and how it is important for community development and social change. Participation in addressing social issues in the community can raise awareness about important issues that may need to be addressed. Issues such as homelessness, domestic violence and spared of pandemics are important social issues in many communities. Later during the week, I attended Homelessness Awareness Day. It is run by several organizations in Armidale to address the issue of homelessness and give information to those who need it.

  1. How does this relate to any reading you have done?

I have read books and articles about why it is important for social workers to be actively involved in community mobilization and sensitization programs. By participating in the Homelessness Awareness Day, I got an opportunity to learn more about the extent and dangers of homelessness in our communities (Zastrow, 2014).

  1. How does this relate to the AASW Practice Standards?

The standards give guidelines on performance expectations for social workers. During the Homelessness Awareness Day, I learnt how these standards are enforced in practice, which will help me in my future practice.

  1. How does this relate to what you have learned in previous social work units (e.g. lifespan development or structural disadvantage), or other units (e.g sociology or psychology)?

In my previous social work units, I learned about dangers facing elderly and other vulnerable groups in the community. One of these dangers is homelessness, and affects thousands of people in Australia (Pavao, Alvarez & Baumrind et al 2007).

  1. How does this relate to any previous practice experience (or even life experience)?

I participated in a volunteer awareness campaign against sexual harassment. It is run by King Faisal University students to raise awareness about this issue in communities. The campaign aimed to educate mothers and children about sexual harassment. We ran the campaign in different places such as schools, family and community organization and university.

  1. How does theory relate to practice?

Theory sets basis for definition of concepts which guide practice. This is important in social work because workers need clear direction in order to adequately address the issue of homelessness.


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