Fieldwork-reflection journal Essay Example

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Weekly Journal

Describe something you have learned this week

In this week I have learned about the organization policies regarding brokerage process, funding and indicative inclusions and exclusion for each brokerage expense category. While learning about all these process that gave me knowledge about how to broker a client; thus, making the process clearer. I learnt that the broke is supposed to understand all the rules and regulations and make sure that they are adhered to in order for the whole process to be streamlined.

  1. How does this relate to any reading you have done?

It is related to the reading because it demonstrates how a broker should rationally try to obtain information on the homeless in terms of their tax status, financial status, as well as investment objectives I addition to other information , which could be utilised to make recommendation

  1. How does this relate to the AASW Practice Standards?

In applying knowledge to practice, the social worker should be able to conduct an analysis and assessment of needs so as to inform the service being provided. Therefore, the social worker should effectively and holistically undertake assessment by collecting important information suitable to the practice context (AASW, 2013).

  1. How does this relate to what you have learned in previous social work units (eg. lifespan development or structural disadvantage), or other units (eg sociology or psychology)?

This is important because the level and nature of risk that the homeless people are facing is assessed and then it is included in the overall assessment as suitable. It facilitates collaboration and reduces disadvantages associated with homelessness.

  1. How does this relate to any previous practice experience (or even life experience)?

The most of things I have learned in the organization are new, and I am glad to have all this knowledge within my placement sitting, which will help me to back to my country with new experience about brokerage and how is important while working with homeless.

  1. How does theory relate to practice?

The theory demonstrates how information can be gathered holistically from the homeless people and determining the suitable way to help them.


AASW. (2013). Practice Standards. Canberra: Australian Association of Social Workers.