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Weekly Journal

Describe something you have learned this week

In this week I have learned about strengthening the shark cage. It is a framework for understanding and working with vulnerability and re-victimisation which has developed by Melbourne-based psychologist Ursula Benstead. The aim of the model is to help women to understand their experience and rebuild a sense of their rights. They chose the shark to refer to a person who behaves in a way that doesn’t respect our rights. The bars of the shark cage are our rights, understanding our rights can help protect us from people who want to act like a shark. They will run support group in the shelter about Shark Cage to support women who suffer from domestic violence and give them some strategies about self-care to protect themselves from violent persons. That helps me to understand re-victimisation in a way that does not blame the women and give me knowledge to feel empowered to decrease the likelihood of future re-victimisation, which I will use it in my future career with clients.

  1. How does this relate to any reading you have done?

This is related to the reading I did about ‘Wraparound’ which is a support model for children and their families either experiencing or at risk of domestic violence and other forms of abuse (Child Australia 2016). The focus of wraparound model is to give children and their families’ maintenance and stability as they continue with their life after experiencing violent episodes.

  1. How does this relate to the AASW Practice Standards?

The Shark Cage model relates to AASW practice standards as it is guided by social work regulations standard considering that the model falls under social work. Accordingly, this implies that it must operate in tandem with the AASW practice standards.

  1. How does this relate to what you have learned in previous social work units (eg. lifespan development or structural disadvantage), or other units (eg sociology or psychology)?

This model relates to structural disadvantage lesson I learned previously as it seeks to assist the vulnerable groups in the society, such as children and women.

  1. How does this relate to any previous practice experience (or even life experience)?

I have attended lecture about increasing of domestic violence in rural areas in Saudi Arabia, that shows there are huge amount of women who suffering from domestic violence because they don’t know their rights. The most of them were uneducated women. The purposes of this lecture were to raise awareness about this issue and empower women in rural communities.

  1. How does theory relate to practice?

It is relating to feminist theory which takes into account the role of gender and lack of power experienced by women in our society. Because they help to empower women who suffering from domestic violence. Also, it can be relating to narrative therapy when women talking with people about their problem. That can be in respectful, non-blaming way.


Child Australia 2016, Wraparound Supporting children’s services, viewed 8 Nov. 16