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Homelessness and Domestic Violence against Women

Homelessness and Domestic Violence against Women

Outline of the Library Search Terms and Scope

Theimportant search terms for the library search will be achieved by first defining thesubject in one sentence: Homelessness and domestic violence against women.”

The sentence will then be split into concepts: Homelessness, Domestic Violence, and women. While searching in the library database, the concepts will be combined in numerous ways; For instance, it can be combined as “Homelessness amongst women” or “domestic violence against women”.

In the majority of databases, finding the articles with the subject’s full text is very challenging since the search words have to the match words utilised in the metadata in order to get the desired results.

Therefore the library search terms will include:

  • Homelessness

  • Domestic violence

  • Australia Housing Policies

  • Homelessness programs

Depending on the research database, the search terms will be combined into: Homelessness and Women; Domestic Violence and Women; and Australia’ Housing Polices or Homelessness programs.

Some of the references retrieved while using the combined terms includes Mitchell (2011), Tually, Faulkne, Cutler, and Slatter (2008), as well as Baker, Billhardt, Warren, Rollins, and Glass (2010). Other references include Chamberlain, Johnson, and Robinson (2014) and (VicHealth, 2011).

The ‘And’ will be utilised to combine the search terms so as to ensure that the references retrieved has both of the terms used while ‘Or” will be used to retrieve references containing both terms together or either one of the terms used.

The library databases that will be utilised for this research include: ProQuest, JSTOR, EBSCOhost


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