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Festival and Event

Festival and Event


Since time in memorial, different festivals and events have been celebrated all over the world by different people. Cooking and food festivals and events are among the most common and it can be traced way back to the ancient Roman times (Counihan & Van Esterik, 2012). Most of the cooking events however involve the professional chefs or people who are used to cooking. In the current world, some careers and professions makes it difficult for people to find time to cook. This has seen most of the people eating out or relaying on their families and friends to cook for them. The paper thus discusses a cooking event involving pilots and ship captains who rarely have time to cook.


Proposed event

The event will involve cooking of Italian cuisines which are among the most popular in the world. The Italians are well known for their different types of cuisines which are delicious. The cooking techniques as well as the ingredients have been passed from one generation to the other for centuries (Guarrera & Savo, 2016). A lot of expertise is required during the cooking process in order to meet the needs of the consumers. Cooking competitions are common in Italy but it is mostly carried out by professional cooks. Ordinary people also know how to prepare the Italian cuisines as they are able to learn from their parents or family members. The event will however be unique as most of the Australians who are not professional cooks do not know how to prepare the Italian Cuisines. This means that the participants will be involved in cooking the meals that they have probably never tasted.

As opposed to most of the cooking competition and events, there will be no judges. However, the participants will be required sell it to the members of the public who will be at the event. The members of the public must however taste the food first before making the purchase to ensure that it meets their taste. The participant whose food will be consumed by the highest number of members of the public will be the winner. They should also be able to raise the highest amount of money. Special instructions will be given to the members of public who will be at the event not to purchase or consume any food that is not well cooked or does not meet their taste. All the participants will be provided with a maximum of two hours to prepare the Italian Cuisine of their choice. The preparation of the Italian food requires a lot of attention on the recipe (Guarrera & Savo, 2016)

Format of the event

The event will be held at the public beach at the shores of the Indian Ocean which is frequented by tourist from different countries including Italy. The authorities as well as the members of the public and tourist will be informed of the event in advance. Attendance during the event is dependent on the publicity and how it has been promoted (Weaver & Lawton, 2010). In order to attract a large number of people the event will be held during the weekend. The target participants will be Australian pilots and captains who are always busy at work and have no time to cook. A total of 10 participants will be involved in the event. The will be required to cook meals that is enough for at least 10 people on their own without any help. A recipe will however be provided to them. The members of the public at the beach will be allowed to watch as they prepare the food but will not be allowed to offer any assistance to them. All the equipment as well as the ingredients will be provided to the participants and they will have 2 hours to prepare the food. They will then be required to provide it to the members of the public to sample before making a purchase decision. The participants will donate the amount they obtain to the charity of their choice.

Creativity and originality

Creativity and originality is important during the event in order to attract the members of the public (Chen, 2012). The originality of the event is based on the selection of participants who have little experience in cooking. They are also required to cook food that they probably have never tasted. All they have to rely on is the recipe. As compared to most of the cooking events, there will b no judges but the members of the public will be required to sample the food and purchase it. The participants will be required to donate the amount earned to any charity of their choice. The idea is original as it combines different aspects including entertainment, fun, selling the food and donating the amount for charity. Creative and original events have the ability to attract a high number of people (Prayag, 2013).

Why it will be fun and interesting

The people are motivated by different factors to attend and event which includes the social and cultural aspects (Frame, 2009). The event will be fun as the members of the attendants will be able to watch the ability of the participants to carry out an activity they are not familiar with. It is expected they will make some mistakes which will add more fun. The cooking and sampling will enable the attendants to obtain an understanding of how the Italian cuisines are prepared. It will be more fun for the attendants to be able to taste the Italian cuisines.

Challenges in executing the concept

Any event is prone to challenges due to the nature of the activities as well as the requirements (Cowling & Mailer, 2013). The event will require fitting a large screen at the beach to enable more people to follow the event. Crowd control may also be required as the event will be carried out in a public space. It is thus expected that the challenged may include obtaining adequate human and financial resources. The pilots and captains are usually busy throughout the year; it may therefore be difficult to obtain the required number of participants with a short notice. In order for an event to be successful, a lot of mobilization is required in order to deal with the challenges.


In conclusion, it is evident that the event will be unique due to the nature of activities as well as the profession of the participants. It is likely to attract a high number of attends at it will be carried out in a public area. A few challenges related to resources are expected.


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