Feedback of two proposals Essay Example

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Group B: SCIE90002 Metabolomics and Proteomics

The proposal is well organized to introduce the subject of discussion, outlining a problem statement to highlight specific areas to address. The proposal also details the methods of data collection and analysis, as well as including the desire impact that the research is meant to have, as the objective outcome. It also includes the findings around the subject of discussion. The introduction gives a background of the Australian wine industry with inclusion of basic details and figures. However, the introduction would be comprehensive if the figures and facts were detailed relative to the country’s economy and other industries. The problem statement is quite detailed and the methodology covers most of the relevant aspects. However, the findings section requires discussion of the given figures to complement the tabulation and make them more comprehensible.

Group H: Alternative way of producing Taxol for lung, Breast and Ovarian Cancer Treatment

The proposal entails the essential sections covering subject background, research approach, expected outcome and justification. However, it misses out on the problem statement section, which is critical in detailing the exact issues that the research report seeks to address, aside from the expected outcome. Nonetheless, the justification section is as important because it makes the report self-evaluating. Self-evaluating in the send that it becomes possible to compare the aspects that justify the research to see if it is under or overachieving relative to the expected outcome. One can also recommend that the approach needs review to give exact details on how the research plans to hand data collection, analysis and presentation, around the subject of discussion.