Fairness and justice Essay Example

3Running: Unfair Demotion

Unfair Demotion

Some year ago, a colleague was demoted in my workplace simply because he questioned the safety standards and policies at our workplace. The demotion decision was unfair as several of our colleagues had suffered injuries while coming down a very steep flight of stairs that led to our workplaces main archive and store. Our employer had also failed to report the injuries to the local occupational health and safety office (Smith, 2013). Jordan was sacked several days after raising the issues with his supervisor.

I feel Jordan’s demotion was unfair as he was agitating for our rights to a safe work environment. Business have a social and moral obligation to ensure the work environment is safe and free from safety hazards. The law also requires the business to report any incidents where employees are injured as whilst they are working(Smith, 2013). However, our employer had failed to ensure that employees delivering documents to the archive were safe from the risk of falls and slips especially on the steep flight of stairs that led to the basement archive section.

Our employers failure to reconstruct or improve the offending flight of shares remains unjust for every employer who has to use the staircase. Our employer can remedy this by inviting contractors to rebuild the stairs. In addition, Jordan should not have been demoted for raising the issue of the unsafe flight of stairs that had already caused serious injuries to our colleagues. My employer was supposed to reinstate Jordan to his former position and offer an apology to the man who brought their attention to the occasional safety risk posed by the stairs.


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