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Improving Customer Service

Topic: Customer Services Plan

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  1. Communication with the Organization

In order to ensure communication with the organization is enhanced, new team members will be equipped with competences during team meetings where the main areas of focus will be introducing them to various methods of communication used in the grocery. During these meetings, any issues arising from activities of the grocery will be discussed and members asked to raise any issues they have encountered in the course of their activities at the grocery. Communication will also be enhanced by providing customer service attendants with newsletters that explain the nature of business activities at the grocery and any new changes that have been made in the operations of the business. In addition, the internet will be used to communicate with customer service attendants in the organization by sending them information about the progress and challenges of the grocery through emails. There will be access to the internet so that employees can carry out research on various factors affecting their businesses. The use of posters will also be used to enhance communication with employees at the grocery. This will be used in case where there is important information that needs to be put a cross by creating posters that are placed in areas frequently accessed by employees such as main gate and doors. This will ensure employees are able to get an idea of the latest happenings at the grocery. Lastly, communication with the organization will be enhanced by networking. This is where employees will be allowed to access networking activities such as interdepartmental meetings, use of the internet to communicate with one another and the design of inter-department networking systems.

  1. Leadership

Leadership in the organization will be achieved through training. This is where new customer service will be provided with the skills of handling customer demands such as methods of solving customer complaints and providing guidance to customers. Leadership in the grocery will also be achieved through empowerment. This is where customer service representatives will be provided with the skills of being able to make decisions on their own for the benefit of the organization such as the ability to lead customers and provide customers with the right guidance regarding the right product to be purchased. Another area that the organization needs to provide leadership is employee feedback. This is where the management of the grocery ensures they monitor the performance of the customer service attendants in the company and provide them with recommendations on the areas that need to be improved as well as areas where they have performed well and need to maintain the levels of performance. In addition, team leadership in the grocery will be achieved through coaching. This will involve providing directions on the actions that customer service need to perform at a particular time. For instance, it will involve directing them on methods of packaging the fruits and vegetables for customers and how to handle customer demands without causing disagreements with customers. Finally, leadership needs will be achieved through mentoring. This is where new customer service representatives will be provided guidance on activities at the grocery by more experienced employees such as old customer service representatives. These customer service representatives will make use of their experience to guide new customer service representatives on the task they need to perform to ensure success in handling customers at the grocery. If these guidelines for communication and leadership are implemented at Joyce Grocery, customer service activities are most likely to be successful and more customers will be attracted to buy products from the grocery.