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Affordable Care Act Future under the Trump Presidency

The Affordable Care Act implementation may likely change in the new regime under President elect Donald Trump. The expectation is that when Trump takes over he will likely suggest and execute major cuts to federal spending on programs such as Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act based on an argument of capping government waste. Trump (2016) made a statement found on his campaign website to the effect that they would request Congress of full repeal of Affordable Care Act calling the Act a source of incredible economic burden resulting in unsustainable costs, higher premiums, fewer choices, and poor systems.

While such a possibility remains, the actualization may be difficult. As Jost (2016) notes, repeal of the Affordable Care Act will affect major programs including Medicare, which may be halted till another law can come into effect actualizing its continuation. Further, the action would affect other issues such as program integrity, the health care workforce, and preventive care as the Act is intractably interwoven into the American health care system. The repeal of the Act will affect how the system delivers and coordinates care especially for seniors with multiple chronic conditions (Gleckman, 2016).Based on the statement of Trump (2016) on health care reform the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare may be repealed. The repeal of the Act will affect its those actions establishment in the implementation of the law including NCHAs, as facilities will no longer be required to conduct community based assessment or collaborate. Furthermore, Trump (2016) argues for market freedom and choice in health care, which gives leeway for facilitates to enact their business based on activities that give them a higher benefit. The repeal may lead to the exclusion of CHNAs.


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