Extensive Decision Making Process Essay Example

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Extensive Decision Making Process

Extensive Decision Making Process


Although the extensive decision making process presents a set of hectic protocols when buying and consuming a given product, according to Williams (2013), it makes the consumer avoid impulse and regrettable purchase of products. This paper explains why I would undertake the same procedure in the purchase of the Xbox-One entertainment console.

Contextual Analysis

The key need to do so coincides with my undying desire for personal satisfaction and making an informed decision (Anderson, 2008). My current move is a motivation to obtain a better replacement of the Play-station 4 package. I need something that integrates all the three aspects of entertainment, including the internet, free gaming, and television. Since Xbox-One contains all these three characteristics, I am tempted to go for it firsthand. However, the purchasers and consumers of the previous Xbox 360 have complained over the failure of the console to meet its ‘purposed’ role. Consequently, it prompts my research to take me through an information search process (Gurley, Lin, & Ballou, 2005). This process involves searching through the internet for reviews on the product. Secondly, it involves consulting with friends who have purchased and used the product. Thirdly, it involves seeking the advice of my local dealer where I usually purchase new technological breakthroughs. Finally, since the product befits the modern lifestyle expectations, I will go for it. However, I will avoid consulting the Microsoft agents on this issue as much as possible because they are majorly inclined toward selling their product rather than providing the information I need (Ferrell, Fraedrich, & Ferrell, 2010).


The purchase of the product will be based on an extensive decision process; for this reason, during consumption, I expect the product to deliver all my expectations.


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