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Exploring market research4

Exploring market research

Question 1

A quantitative research is said to have a positive, particular, hypothesis deductive, objective and results oriented perspective of viewing the world.This research looks at issues from the projectable results of the wider population, and approaches studies from the conclusive perspective as if it is trying to quantify the problem (Deshpande, 1983). While, qualitative research subscribes to the process oriented, phenomenological, inductive, all-inclusive, idiosyncratic, and the common anthropological perspective of viewing the world. It is used to get a deeper understanding of the problems and issues at hand, and explore the aspects related to these problems.

Question 2

The Qualitative research process is an inductive research process that involves that begins with the exploitation of the grounded events. Qualitative research is used in analysing inner and outer views of human behaviours (Deshpande, 1983). This research believes that an actual honest study can be carried out by someone participating in the life of the subject and observing, and gaining more knowledge about that person. The qualitative research is carried out based on the ability of the researcher to take up the role of the subject of the research. Qualitative research is used to get the holistic understanding and insider’s perspective of the subjects’ behaviours. This research is used in understanding the researchers’ views from the subjects on main perspective (Deshpande, 1983).

Question 3

The services that I have selected for this research is mobile banking

With the advancements of technology and mobile technologies, there has been a rapid increase in the number of people that are switching to electronic platforms in order for them to access their bank accounts. The new frontier in the internet banking is opening up opportunities for banks to go beyond national and regional boundaries in extending their services to customers. The advantage about internet banking is that people can access their banking services from any point in the world, whether through their laptops, or mobile phone technologies. The growth of internet banking has opened up new opportunities for researchers and students to explore the viability of the service to customers and the impact that it has on the banks. The questions about internet banking services include the following;

  1. What are the risks that customers face while using internet banking, and can they be protected?

  2. What is the impact of information technology on Internet Banking?

  3. The factors that determine the adoption of internet banking

  4. The issues that face the adoption of internet banking in the United States

  5. The customer’s attitude and perceptions towards internet banking

  6. The effect of internet banking Bank’s performance.

These questions raised above will broaden the understanding and expand the knowledge that exists about online banking to both customers and banks. It will enable customers to understand the aspects of online banking, the risks they face and how they can be protected. Two banks, these questions will enable them to understand the effect of online banking in the banking industry, through this research they will be able to identify the trends that exists, and the adoption ofinternet banking throughout the banking industry. The research in these areas will enable people in all sectors get to develop more knowledge and understanding about internet banking. This research built on the already existing knowledge that exists and examine the new advancements that have been made in this area.


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