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There is a comparison of two markets. These are the trip and time markets. In the earlier, the present rates are influenced much to a greater extent by past rates and with time it fades in slowly and smoothly. In the later, the reaction to the precedent is illustrated by rapid sharp swinging. In addition, even though there is a feeble connection to rates of close to a year ago, almost all of the reaction to the past is restricted to the mainly current three months.

From the graph, the time market is more perceptive to precedent actions than is the trip market, mainly the current past. The rationale for a particular relationship observed is not apparent. If the rates replicate only real change in distribution and demand curves such as because of varying volumes of global trade and were not influenced by the awareness and philosophy of market accomplices. This is now reasonable to anticipate the contrary of the observation.

When we look at the hypothesis, the implication is that anticipation is more crucial in the transitional time market and; therefore, the reliance of current rates on precedent rates is convincing. It elucidates on the greater reaction to current past in the time market. This is because expectations are created and emphasis is given to situations before the present events. The prove illustrated is that time charter respondents react more at present information in the market.

The two models explain that expectations augments the unsteadiness of ocean freight markets, and effects are stronger in time markets that direct to superior complete rate variant in these markets. Both models give an explanation of high degree of difference in rates, signifying that logical aspects are there. However, the response to these aspects is stronger in time markets than trip market. Therefore, there is confirmation that the intrinsic unsteadiness in rates instigated by changeable demand and fixed supply is significantly improved owing to market contributor’s responses to their discernment and viewpoint concerning this push.